Have you ever noticed that there is just something about those icons of years gone by that still captivate? Their image and looks were created with some basic makeup tips that we should all still be following to this day. It seems in a world where something that you purchase is out dated before you step out of the store that many of these ideas when it comes to beauty have been forgotten or pushed to the side to make way for trendier ideas.


While there is plenty of room in any cosmetics routine for the trendy ideas that come out each season, the tried and true makeup tips of years gone by still have their merit. Some of these things your own mother or grandmother probably taught you when you were first learning about the world of beauty products. Lets take a look at the ones that you should still be following today.


Number One


If you do not have great skin, the products that you put on your face are not going to look their best. Skin care is one of the most overlooked parts of a beauty routine. Women will spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic products that promise all sorts of results, yet they will not look into doing the best steps to make their skin look great each day. At the bare minimum, you should be washing moisturizing and using an eye cream twice a day to look your best.


Most women will also want to include some type of anti aging products to keep them looking young as well. Determine what your main concerns are about your skin and find products that are specifically formulated for them.


Number Two


A well groomed eye brow is the frame work for most of your look. When it comes to this makeup tip, you can choose to either wax, do eye brow threading, or even pluck them yourself. The key is to create a natural looking arch and to keep them clean and well maintained. You will also want to brush them into place daily to make sure the hairs are going the right way.


Number Three


Choose one area of your face to use a dramatic cosmetic look on. If you are playing up your eyes then you will want to go with a more neutral lip. The same idea goes for if you plan to do a bright colored lip. Having two different parts of your face competing for attention is not the formula for a fabulous look for the most part. Choose one to emphasize and go with it.


The world might be changing at a rapid pace these days, but there are times when we should embrace the way that things were done in the past. These makeup tips are an example of how some of the simplest ideas from back then can still result in you looking great when you step out the door each day. So incorporate these into your daily routine starting today!