Do you have a stack of old magazines, that you need to get rid of? Before you throw them in the recycling bin, why not try recycling them yourself?

Here are five great uses for your old magazines:

Kids Craft Projects

Keep a few old magazines around that have lots of colorful pages, these make great rainy day projects. Kids can create collages from the magazine pictures. Keep a box with craft supplies in it, including scissors, white glue, foam boards to glue the magazines collages on.


These look really cool. Recycling old magazines into beads makes a great craft project. Take the most colorful magazine pages and create tall triangles (top to bottom of page). Coat with white glue and roll up using a straw. Make sure the end is glued, and let dry. Once the glue is dry, you can add even more depth with a coat or two of varnish.

At the craft store you can purchase varnish that actually makes anything look like porcelain. These beads look awesome when coated with a really shiny varnish. No two are ever alike. You can then use these for any projects or for making jewelry.

Trade Magazines

One great way to recycle good magazines, is for them to be read and looked at by more than just you!. If you get subscriptions and so do friends or co-workers, then why not bring your magazines to work and trade them. If you organize it right, you could even have your friends getting different subscriptions to magazines you all like. This way you are not all getting the same magazine in the mail.

Boot Tree

If you have a pair of good boots, that you are storing for the season, or maybe they got wet and are drying. Take a rolled up old magazine and put it in the boot to help keep its shape, while being store for the season or drying.

Create a Binder of the Good Articles

Lets face it, most of the time the reason you have excess amounts of old magazines, is because there was an article or two in them that you liked. So, why not cut out the article you like, such as a craft project or recipe, and put in a page protector and then into a binder?

My hubby did this with some of his old bike magazines. They were building up in boxes, and moved everywhere with us. So, he kept the vintage ones, but the more recent ones, he spent at least a couple of hours every weekend going through them and cutting out the articles he wanted to keep.

He then created a binder and labeled it for his articles, and now he refers to it quite often when he needs to reference something rather than trying to wade through that stack of old magazines.

If you love to get magazines, once you have enjoyed them, let a friend read them, let the kids cut them up, after you have cut out your articles you want and then let what ever is left go into the recycling bin.