Are you looking for old world maps of Macedonia or old maps of ancient Greece? The republic of Macedonia has a long history and there are several unique and vintage maps of the country available. Macedonia is interesting because the country was once ruled by Alexander the Great (From 355 to 325 BC). The country is located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe, and became a member of the United Nations in 1993, and after a dispute with Greece they were admitted under the provisional reference of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Current Macedonia Maps and Old Greece Maps

Present day Macedonia is turning into quite the tourist destination, and its no wonder why!

"A treasure trove of adventures, Macedonia is emerging as a top new tourist destination. With its unspoilt mountains, lakes and spas, traces of old communism, and plenty of friendly hospitality at boutique hotels it’s not hard to see why. The wines are rich, the history steeped, and the culture varied."

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Check out this reproduction below - it's a 1771 Poster of Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, and the Balkans. Is this the old map of Macedonia you are looking for?

1771 Old Map of Macedonia

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Ancient/Roman Macedonia Facts

Ancient and Roman Period of Macedonia

According to Wikipedia, In 356 BC Philip II of Macedon took over  the regions of Upper Macedonia (Lynkestis and Pelagonia) and the southern part of Paeonia (Deuriopus) into the Kingdom of Macedon.

Philip's son Alexander the Great conquered the remainder of the region, and incorporated it in his empire, reaching as far north as Scupi, but the city and the surrounding area remained part of Dardania.

Roman Empire Expansion Map

This map below illustrates the Roman empire at its greatest peak, when they absorbed Macedonia and is color-coded to illustrate the various expansionist periods.

Roman Map of Macedonia

Roman Empire Expansion Map, 264 BC to 180 AD - 24"x36" Poster
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- Indepence declared from Yugoslavia in September of 1991.

- Officially recognized in Apri of 1993.

- Population in 2011 - 2,058,539 (146nd overall in the world).

- GDP Gross Domestic Product of $22.147 billion and per capita of $10,718.

- They have a high HDI or Human Development Index of .728 (78th overall)

- What currency does Macedonia use? They use the  Macedonian denar.

- You must drive on the right hand side of the road in Macedonia.

- What form of government is Macedonia? They are a parliamentary republic, like Canada and Australia.

- The current President of  Macedonia is Gjorge Ivanov.

- What do they speak in Macedonia? The primary language is Macedonian.

- Does Macedonia have any National Parks? Yup! Mavrovo, Galicica, and Pelister are the names of their parks. Each are very different.

- Tourism is important - Macedonia receives over 500,000 tourists per year and that helps their economy.

- In 2010 the International Herald Tribune ranked Macedonia 21st in its top 31 destinations to visit and the country also appeared in a CNN tourism special.

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Here's another old ancient map of Macedonia is you still haven't found the map you are looking for.

1794 Old Macedonia Map

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