Old Navy Discount for Back to School Shopping

Old Navy is one of the best stores for good prices. They have a lot of sales and discounts, plus there is usually a clearance section with further discounted and cheaper items. Old Navy has affordable prices for the average person. A pair a Old Navy jeans goes for $34 regular price, but there are many discounts on different styles and cuts, so it is rare to pay full price. Back to school is a good time to shop at Old Navy. They have back to school discounts both in the store and online. You can use all of these ideas to get discount Old Navy Clothing any time of the year. You can save money at Old Navy all the time, especially if you use these Old Navy discount ideas.

Old Navy is owned by the same company as GAP, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta. What this means is that when you are shopping back to school discounts at Old Navy online, you can also shop GAP, and throw in something on sale from Banana Republic. On the top of Old Navy's web page there is a notice about a flat shipping discount deal where you can shop from their stores for flat fee shipping, regardless of how much and in how many of their stores you shopped. If the multiple store shipping discount is not there then check the promo code sites listed below.

One of the best Old Navy discounts for back to school shopping and anytime shopping is using the $15 off $50 or $25 off $75 coupons and so on. They have a variety of these discounts that can be used for back to school shopping. If you are back to school shopping online then it is easy to save a lot of money at Old Navy between discounts, coupons, and promo codes. Once you shop online using Old Navy discounts for back to school or otherwise then you are signed up for their e-mailings. These actually give you ample opportunity to take advantage of future discounts for back to school and other events or holiday sales.

To get Old Navy discounts for back to school shopping, use Barker's Bones. It is a social application on Facebook, but it does not require you to be an Old Navy Facebook friend to "like" them. There is a cartoon picture of a dog, Barker, with 5-6 holes dug in the ground. To get the Old Navy discount coupon use the computer's mouse to click on a hole, guessing which one uncovers Barker's bones. The uncovered prize is an Old Navy discount coupon. The first time I clicked on it there was a "save $15 on $75" and there was an option for an in-store printable Old Navy coupon or to have it sent to email.

You can find an Old Navy discount coupon on Barker's Bones every week, which will add up in savings if you shop some of their sales, plus use the many discounts for back to school shopping. Using these Old Navy discounts you should be able to shop a few times using discounts for back to school. Read the comments section of Barker's to find Old Navy discounts for back to school because people leave comments offering up coupons they cannot use. So, it is possible to get Old Navy discounts for back to school shopping by swapping the printable Old Navy coupons through email.

Shopping online at Old Navy for back to school or for yourself is a money saver. If you look around there are many good promo code and discount sites that simply list discounts for several stores, including Old Navy. These are usually good for getting free shipping from Old Navy or discounts that offer free shipping if a certain amount is spent, plus all sorts of deals and discounts that customers add when they work for them. Retailmenot.com or couponsherpa.com are two sites to check for additional discounts and savings. If you want back to school discounts then using the promo codes on top of the other discounts is a must.

Also, check your rewards cards. Credit card companies like Chase offer rewards points that eventually can be used for claiming a free gift card from a variety of companies. Old Navy has free shipping on certain days of the week for its Old Navy store card holders. This is to entice people to sign up, of course, just like the ten percent off you get when you apply for the card. But, it seems you only actually get the percentage off if your credit is good enough for their credit offer. Be careful of these types of Old Navy discount offers because every application for credit ends up on your credit report. Always think about the credit implications before applying for a store card. By shopping smart with Old Navy discounts for back to school, you will save money.

Old Navy Discounts for Halloween, Christmas, and Holiday Season

By applying all of these ideas you can save money shopping at Old Navy. But, Old Navy is not just for school shopping. These money saving discount ideas work almost any time of year. Old Navy discounts clothing and accessories frequently. You can use all of these ideas above to save money at Old Navy. Whether you want to get a kids costume for Halloween or shop Old Navy discounts for Christmas presents, all of these Old Navy discounts and clothing coupon ideas work year round.