Out with the new, in with the old!

This article seems like one big backwards idea, but the recent polls and studies are showing this trend to be picking up each year. People have been flocking to older and used games because older games were created better and are more fun to play. Companies today are all about flash and mechanics that the typical gamer doesn't want, instead we want storyline and great gameplay which older games have. Let's look into this trend further and see what it's all about.

Demand for older games

We are seeing a trend going on today with older games going for extraordinary prices. Final Fantasy 7, Dragon Ball GT, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, and the list goes on. These games are going for a premium because the demand is so high. If companies would realize this trend and start to cater to what a gamer's desire really is, they would make a lot of money. I haven't bought a newly made video game in years. I'm still playing Final Fantasy Tactics and Guilty Gear X2 to this day, and those games have been out long ago. Many people on forums aren't talking about the new hot games released, they are talking about nostalgia with old games and how we can create online venues to play each other and talk to each other. When thOld Gamese Nintendo Wii announced that we could download old games there is a reason they made a ton of money, people love the old games that were well made back in the day.

I have an article here of old great Final Fantasy games as just one series in the genre that shows how these are all classics and nothing new is mentioned. While this is just one series and there are thousands of games out there that others would love to see remade, it goes to show that the old classics are much more popular today because of their storyline and gameplay. They broke records for their time and have gained huge followings that continue to be loyal today in spite of the fact that new content will never come because they love it.

Problems today

The primary reason why gamers aren't buying the newly created video games of today is because they quite simply are junk. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of games out there that are great, but compared to the 90s and early years of the 2000's game companies have quickly gone down the drain. Games that were forecasted to make a lot of money aren't making as much as they'd hoped, and we are seeing old games rise in popularity. Following traffic trends I'm seeing Playstation 1 forums lighting up in traffic over the years with gamers posting every day about a used Playstation game they found and want to get advice or tips. People don't want flashy animations and highly paid actors doing voice overs, we want content and good games which older games offered. Companies need to get back toClassic Games their roots and find ways of grabbing the old strategies of games from the past and use that as a platform to push forward. Then and only then will we see increase in spending from gamers who are still clinging to their N64's and Playstation's.

Amerowolf just had an article featured here that talks about Final Fantasy 7 and how we were all calling for a remake. According to his sources it's been mentioned that they are in fact not going to make a remake of this classic best seller which is a huge blow to millions of fans like myself that were looking forward to the day the pursued this. I had my money ready to go out to the store and buy a copy, but it looks like I will be holding onto my money instead. Remakes of classics would do very well for many people and I agree with a bunch of gamers on the forums I visit that they would gladly pony up the cash to buy updated remakes of classics instead of the usual flashy nonsense we get today.

The economy

One other primary offender with why sales are down and people are clinging to the past games they have is because of the economy. People are struggling more than ever with money and personal finances, so today it's no surprise that the old goodies we have in our closet provide us free entertainment because we already own it, and it brings back nostalgic moments of our past. I believe that these two issues alone are why games from the past are so much more popular today than companies realize and they should be looking for ways to reach out into this market and tap into that seemingly untouched source. Nintendo Wii did it right and I believe Xbox live started tapping into this as well, though I'm not completely sure about that. Give us what we want and we will gladly give you our dollars, which is my plea today!

Trend changes

I strongly believe that if companies understood this increased trend to older games they would catch on and look for ways to cash in. When you follow a trend there is money to be made, hopefully they catch this wave and look for ways to satisfy us with the nostalgia of old content perhaps remake things to put them into a 2013 age of graphics and eye candy. I'd pass out if I saw a remake being done for Chrono Trigger, I'd personally pay any price they slapped on it no matter what it was. There's a reason why computer emulation is growing so rapidly, and it's not because we want to play current games on the computer. The reason is because we want to play old classics and downloads are at record breaking pace. If we continue to push this trend and keep it going maybe we can start to see things change for the better, but for now things don't look so hopeful for us.