Trying to find out an old vinyl records value can be difficult, especially if you are new to collecting.  If like many other people, you love those old LPs, and have a good sized collection you have had since college days or earlier, you may be surprised to find you could be sitting on a gold mine.

In the world of collecting, it can be very difficult to figure out which particular item will sOld Viny RecordsCredit: morguefile.comuddenly soar in value, but by using a vinyl records price guide, you can at least see if the collection you have is worth anything on the open market.  You can then decide whether it is time to liquidate or hang onto it and add to the investment!

If you were really good about storing your LPs, and they are in tip top condition, then selling them online is one way to go.  You can advertise them on Ebay or Kijiji, Amazon or even your local paper.  You can also use these same sites to get an idea of what people are willing to pay.

Once you have been through your collection and have made a few dollars, and like the idea of buying and selling vinyl LPs, then it is time to get out shopping.

Thrift Shop - You can start at your local thrift shop.  You take a bit of a chance here, as many times you cannot check them out before buying them, but on the other hand they will sell for quite cheap.  I once found a Walt Disney Record at a thrift shop, and was able to resell it on Ebay for a nice little profit.

If you look at a vinyl record under the light, you can usually see any scratches.  Tiny surface scratches can be fixed, but larger indents cannot, so best to leave that one behind.  If you are really serious about this hobby or part time business, you can purchase vinyl record cleaners that will help with those tiny surface scratches.  But always listen to the record right through to make sure it is in good condition, or your purchaser will not be happy.Old Vinyl Records Value

Many people still prefer the sound associated with a LP vinyl record, and will go to great lengths to find their favourite artists.   Good record players can still be found for sale, but finding those old LPs is a little more difficult.

Local Dump - Another great place is the reuse it center at your local dump.  Believe it or not, Goldmine Record Album Price Guidemany are starting a "reuse" side to this, and you will find lots of junk, but if you are willing to dig a little, you can quite often find gems.  Especially when people start cleaning out their basements or garages.  Many don't go through boxes and just dump them.  I have found some good books and some LPs, this way for free!

Garage Sales - This can be a goldmine!  Many people once again, clean out their basements and will find these dusty old LPs, and not realize what they have, plop them in a box and get you to buy the box full of junk.   Sometimes the LP covers are not in the best shape.  You get the most money for vinyl records if they are completely intact with the dust cover and the front artist cover.  But if these are not in good condition but the LP is, you can still sell it for a profit.

Finding out an old vinyl records value is your first step.  You can get price guides for this, and once you get to know the prices, you can spot a deal while out antique shopping, or at garage sales and make some extra money, or build on your own collection.