Some popular old wives tales that may be true

There are a lot of sayings and myths in our culture. Some of them are so common that you can recite them without much thought. Have you ever wondered if any of them are true? It turns out some of them actually are, though by different degrees. At some point in your life, you likely have been offered one of these tales as advice or a warning, though the intent behind them may be good, often times, they are simply nonsense. Here are a few of the most popular wives tales, can you choose which ones are true and which ones are simply myths?

 If you eat an apple every day, it will keep the doctor away

This one is among the most common, our parents used it to get us to eat apples when we were little, and we use it on our kids today. There are some experts who balk at this, but the truth is, apples contain phenolics in high amounts. This chemical is a very potent type of antioxidant that helps reduced the chances of contracting colon and breast cancers. Some recent studies coming out of Cornell University also show that there is a linkage behind the reduction of the effect of Alzheimer’s and regular apple consumption. When you bit an apple, the skin help dislodge plaque and food under you gum line, thus increasing the health of your teeth. So while, it won’t keep you doctor totally off your back, it does have a lot of health benefits.

Starve your cold and feed your fever

No one knows exactly where this beauty came from however, I am sure your grandmother has said this every time you or one of your kids fell ill. Cold and fevers cause dehydration in equal amounts, so assuring that you get plenty of fluid is essential. When you are sick, your appetite is always less than when you are not, but skipping meals will always have negative effects on your ability to repair your immune system. When you have either a fever or a cold, you should still eat, just eat healthy food and skip the fatty processed stuff.

When you gain a child, you will loose a tooth

This is a popular but not so common saying. Of course, it isn’t likely that you will feel a tooth falling out during childbirth unless you have pre-existing gum problems. However there is some science behind the saying. NYU Dentistry College performed a study and learned that once a woman has given birth to at least one kid, their chances of gum disease and gingivitis drastically increase. While they have yet to find the exact cause, the reasoning is sound.

Eating chocolate will give you pimples

If this myth were true, not only would most of the Chocó liters in the world go out of business, but the chocolate that is sold would carry warning labels just like beer and cigarettes. Thankfully, there is no proof that any type of food creates acne. I suppose that you can also say that greasy food also doesn’t cause pimples. Pimples are actually caused by dirt and other external impurities that become trapped in the pores and become infected.  Eating a lot of chocolate or other overly sweet food is unhealthy, but it won’t change your complexion.

The various ways you will catch a cold

There is a million and one supposed ways to catch a cold, from getting wet in the rain to washing your hair at night. But in actuality, there is only ONE way to catch the cold. A cold is caused by a virus; the only way to catch a virus is to come into direct contact with it. This could be from being around a sick person, to touching a object with the virus on it. Even if you run around in the rain and stay in your wet clothes for hours, you won’t catch a cold. While it may seem that colds increase in the winter due to the weather, the fact is, people go outside less and the germs from sick people tend to stay inside as well. When you go outside in the sun, the germs die over time due to sun exposure. An extra thing to note is that there is no way to stop a cold from spreading from one part of your body to the other, if that is what the strain is programmed to do, that what it will do regardless of your efforts. There is no cure for the common cold, every remedy on the market simply eases the symptoms of the virus, both nothing can cure it or decrease its allocated duration.

Going Blind from TV and masturbating

Every ones parents have asked their children not to sit close to the TV screen due to its negative effect on your eyesight. You may have also heard that reading in the dark or in low light is also bad for your eyes. An all time favorite for teenage boys is that masturbating will cause you to become blind. Ha! Well, none of these things will result in blindness. Reading in dim light does cause you to strain which will give you a headache, but our eyesight won’t be diminished. Sitting close to the TV will also give you a headache, but it will have no lasting effects on your eyes. Children spending to much time watching television will however increase their chances of becoming overweight and developing behavioral problems later in life. On to my favorite, in France, parents say masturbating will make you deaf, in US, you will supposedly become blind. While sperm has a lot of zinc, and a zinc deficiency can lead to blindness, it isn’t possible to masturbate enough to become blind from a lack of zinc in the body.

Frog pee and warts

This is a tale that circulates highly in kid’s circles; every little boy loves to chase girls with a frog, thinking that it will inflict a wart. This tale came about do to the appearance of warts on the exterior of the frog’s body. The warts that are on frog cant be transferred to humans and vice versa. In face, warts are caused by specific species related viruses.