Old wives tales concerning pregnancy and determining the gender of the unborn baby have been around for a long time. How long? Well, probably as long as "old wives" (sorry I couldn't resist lol) and babies have been around.

Is there any truth to them? I would be inclined to say yes, some of these old wives tales are probably based on fact. Should you believe what they tell you about your baby's gender, well I wouldn't put too much weight on your findings using any of these old wives tales. I would just relax and have some fun with them.

Lets take a look at 5 of the most popular old wives tales:

1. The wedding ring test-This method of determining your unborn baby's gender is easy to do and is very popular. It consists of having the mother-to-be lie on her back while suspending (tie it on a thread or better yet a strand of the mothers hair) her wedding ring (or any small metallic object) over her belly, or palm. If the ring starts to move back and forth in a straight line you'll be having a girl, if it moves in a circular motion it'll be a boy.

2.The Drano test-I hesitated to include this one, because Drano is a very caustic and dangerous chemical, so if you decide to try this old wives tale you're on your own and cannot hold me responsible in any way! If you want to give it a try anyway here's how you go about it: Save some of your first urine in the morning, and carefully (you could produce dangerous fumes, or other chemical reactions) pour your urine into a glass jar with a small amount of Drano in it. If the Drano-urine mixture changes to a brownish color you'll have a boy, if it doesn't change color at all it'll be a girl baby.

3.How you're carrying your baby-If you're carrying your baby high in your womb you'll have a girl, if the baby is carried lower in your womb you'll be having a boy.

4.The fetal heart-rate-This old wives tale says that if the unborn baby's heart-rate is 140 beats per minute or above you'll be having a girl baby, but if it's less than 140 bpm you'll have a boy.

5.Cravings-Do you crave sweets, congratulations you'll be having a baby girl. Crave salt and/or sour foods than you'll be having a baby boy!


I wouldn't put much faith in these or any of the other old wives tales out there, but they can be a whole lot of fun, so just relax and enjoy experimenting with them. If you really want to know your unborn baby's sex get an ultra-sound in you 7th or 8th month. Then you will know with certainty (almost 100%) the sex of your baby.

Regardless of whether you have a boy or a girl the most important thing is that you have a strong, healthy, loved baby!