Are you a pregnant woman? Do you like watching UFC fights and punching your baby's daddy really hard in the arm? You are probably having a boy. If you like watching Dancing with the Stars then you are having a girl. Sure the science isn't behind it, but in the old times, they didn't have all this fancy science. Part of the fun back then was trying to guess the gender of the baby using absurd myths.

Before there was ultrasounds, it was all about the guessing. Sad for them, they probably didn't even know how gender was decided. As everyone knows now, human gender is decided by either XX chromosomes that dictate a lady and XY chromosomes that make a man. The egg cell is always and X chromosome and the gender is officially decided by the sperm that can either be an X or a Y.

But away with all this science! It's for heathens! Let's discuss these "tried and true methods" of guessing a child's gender.

telling gender of child

It is All About Conceiving

Crazily enough, there are people still today that believe that the gender of a child can be dictated by how, when, and where you conceive. Doesn't matter that science says no right to their face while looking them in the eyes, they plug their ears and close their eyes.

A popular medieval example of this was when you were doing the down and dirty that the man should turn his face to the east if they were trying for the boy. If you had relations in the morning, you were also destined for a boy. However, if you wanted a girl it was best to try in the evening. Also, if you wanted a girl, it is best to try right after a meal. I assume that is sexist because women are good at cooking, but whatever.

There are even some strange ones that suggest the couple drink red wine with an animal's sexual organs in it. For example the man gets to drink red wine and womb while the woman gets red wine and testes.

There are also slightly more scientific sounding methods, like that Y carrying sperm were faster swimmers so those hoping for a boy should try to conceive as close to ovulation as they can. Methods for producing boys were highly popular among royal families as, well, you know, sons were like gold back then.

One more little gem. If your child is conceived when you are not feeling love for each other, such as after angry sex, you are going to bear a female of a bitter disposition. I think we all know a few modern words for what kind of girl that is.

Walking a Certain Way

It is said that if you walk using your right foot first, you're probably having a boy. If you walk with the left foot first, you are having a girl. To medieval folks, it doesn't matter if you are right or left handed and walked the same way your whole life. If you are a woman, they never noticed nor cared about the way you walked until you were potentially carrying an heir. Something to feel good about.

Salt Test

Apparently, a good way to find out the gender is to get into the woman's bedroom while she is sleeping, sprinkle salt on her head so she does not notice it. When she wakes up you are supposed to note the name she says, because of course all women start their day with a good name utterance. If it is a boy's name, it will be a boy and it if it is a girl's name, I think you can work that part out. More than likely her first words will be, "Who the *beep* put salt all over my head!"

Dad is Packing on Pounds

As the tale goes, if the father puts on a bunch of weight during the pregnancy, then the mother is carrying a girl. Strangely enough, some scientists in the Netherlands did a study on this myth and as it turns out of 100 men, the ones that had girls did in fact put on weight. Perhaps some of these aren't all hokum.

Sweet and Salty

Because little girls are made of pure sweetness, it is said that when you are pregnant with a girl you will crave sweet foods. On the other hand, since boys are a handful of trouble, the mother carrying a boy will crave salty food.

Mommy Knows Best

Apparently, according to a medieval journal of questionable scientific repute, if you ask the mother what she thinks she is carrying and she answers "it is a boy" but fails to blush, she is having a girl. Because as we know, woman without shame for having a boy come out of them are all liars. ( I kid, of course)

On a less laughable note, pregnant mothers are eerily accurate about knowing the gender of a baby growing inside of them. I mean, if you are having a small sentient person growing inside you, you have to pick up on some things I suppose.

The Wedding Ring Test

This is possibly the oldest test used to determine gender. I have seen people do it even in the modern day, but thankfully just in jest. The logic is that you hang a gold ring, preferably your wedding ring from a piece of string or a chain and dangle it over the belly of a pregnant woman. If it swings in a circular pattern you are having a girl. If it swings side to side, it is a boy. best pray that the person holding the chain doesn't have some kind of hand tremor, you might get false test results.

Morning Sickness

Many women still put stock in this old wives tales. The myth goes that if you have frequent morning sickness all through your pregnancy, then you are carrying a girl. If you suffer some pain but do not have as fierce of morning sickness, then it is a boy. However, by this logic, you would have to have a pregnancy before your current one to compare to. Unless you have really quite calm morning sickness, then I guess it has stock.