Young Frankenstein

If you're a cinephile, like myself, this is definitely a movie you'll want in your collection. The satire spoofing the original Frankenstein was not only hilarious but brilliantly written with a great comedic cast to boot. If you watch closely you can see that the props used in the original Frankenstein is used in this film, and that Igor's (pronounced Eye-gor) hump moves from one shoulder to the other. And in a little tid-bit of funny coincidence the sound they used for the famous angry squirrel youtube video was from this film.

Gene Wilder playing Dr. Frankenstein (pronounced Fronkonsteen) is as always, brilliant and gave the young Doctor a crazed and over the top demeanor that fit perfectly in the film. Marty Feldman playing Igor was absolutely perfect especially with the gag about the hump switching from one shoulder to another. And his little breaking the fourth wall gags were so funny as well. Peter Boyle brought an innocence to his role of the Monster. Teri Garr with her German accent and ditsy ways gave the film that "Huh?" factor. Of course I can't forget to mention Madeline Kahn with her performance as a snooty, uptight, rich priss was too funny for words and her gag ending up as the Bride of Frankenstein.

Usually with these older movies put on a single disc DVD you get barely any special features worth while but with this DVD I was pleasantly surprised by how much great content there was. First, there are seven deleted scenes which were hilarious. Secondly there were outtakes and bloopers which were pretty good but I've seen better. Mel Brooks also makes a great commentary in the film. There are also interviews, production stills, and a great documentary with new interviews from the cast and crew and really good insight on how the project came together. The DVD includes English subtitles and Spanish and French audio. The only way this DVD would get any better is if I had a bigger screen to watch this on.