older model iphone

If you lost out on the serge of people who headed out the door in the wee hours to get their hands on the new iPhone 4, and missed out, there are some other options if your real goal is to at least own a iPhone.

1.7 million of these brand new iPhone 4's were purchased in the days after they were put on the market for sale. According to Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs, this has been call the company's "most successful product launch"

But what happens next year when yet another version of the iPhone comes out?

Well if all you want is a iPhone, and yes it would be great to have the latest and greatest, then you can save yourself a ton of money by hitting the after markets online for last years model.

This electronics market is fueled by the millions of people out there who must have or "have" to have the latest version of any electronics out there. So what happens to the last years model? Many people just toss them in a drawer, plop them in a recycling bin at the electronics store or give them away. But some of them throw them online to sell.

Last year the model of the day was the 3GS iPhone and it sold one million in the first weekend. But now that the iPhone 4 is out the last year model is history, but alive and well online.


If you are looking for an affordable iPhone. Most models are being sold online at this popular site. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these phones. Many have not had much use at all. So, you can compare prices and probably get a phone for 1/2 the price of what it was last year. But do compare prices when purchasing online. Make sure the price is comparable, see what they are charging for shipping, and that the seller has a good reputation by checking out there "feedback".


This is a popular online site too, you can check this out for prices on last years model, but many sellers on here tend to sell new. You have to watch out for that also, as many sellers have scooped up the iPhone 4, and are now selling it for big profits online.

If you stick to a earlier model, you can get a good deal online.

Now if the coin is flipped here, and you are not looking to buy an iPhone, but are looking to sell yours, and any other electronics you have such as other cell phones, or laptops, computers, games and more, then here is a great way for you to go green (the reuse part!) and get rid of these old electronics and make money!

Try these two sites to get rid of any electronics you no longer want including the iphone.


They have an easy to use site, and you just plug in your make and models of all your old electronics, and they will let you know what the market value is. If you agree, they will even pay for shipping and send you a box. Once they receive your iPhone or other electronics they will pay you via Paypal or a check.

Buy My Tronics

This is another site worth checking out if you want to recycle your old laptop or computer games, or iPhone. They too, will pay you market value.

There are many places online now for selling or buying your older models of the iPhone. As long as there are the "must have the latest" buyers out there, there will be a market for the older versions. After the introduction of iPhone 4, thousands of iPhone 3GSs showed up online.

Environmentalists are against these yearly introductions of new iPhones, as it creates waste. But that is where the above sites do well, they will take your older models, and pay you and resell them, which is good for them, but also a good move for the environment.

So, if you want a iPhone but your pockets are not that full, then start looking online, or if you have a friend, who must have the latest and greatest gadgets, convince him to give his old one to you!

There are many other sites for buying and selling your iPhone. But be a informed consumer and check them all out carefully.