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The soup, salad, and breadstick combo is still a good deal, if they will allow you to actually eat all that you can eat.


We didn't appreciate being discriminated against because we are fit. The fact that we work out shouldn't mean that we are given less than the standard serving size at a restaurant when we are paying the same price as everyone else.

Full Review

My husband and I went to Olive Garden on June 6 2009 for lunch. We were seated immediately and the waiter arrived shortly after to take our drink orders. He was friendly enough and we decided to order the soup, salad, and breadsticks combo for lunch.

We tried the new soup, "Chicken & Gnocchi" which was good, although it was very rich and I couldn't have eaten more than one bowl of it, so I switched to the minestrone.

When the waiter brought us the salad an breadsticks, he brought us a half bowl of salad and a basket with only two breadsticks in it. My husband and I are fitness oriented people and we weight lift so our calorie requirements are significantly higher than average. We had to continually ask for refills and we never received a full basket of breadsticks, just two at a time.

We couldn't help but notice that an overweight couple seated next to us received a full salad bowl and full basket of breadsticks right off the bat. It was off putting, to say the least, and very irritating.

In Closing

I probably won't go back to the Olive Garden. If I do, then I will make it absolutely clear to the waiter that I expect standard size portions just like everyone else.