Learn about the Health Benefits of the Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf Extract Fights Infections and Viruses

Olive leaf extract benefits range from repelling insects and termites to destroying viral infections and restoring immune function.  The extract derives from the leaves on the olive tree.  The olive leaf contains two primary substances, oleuropein and eloneic acid, responsble for healing and has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries.  However, there is a recent resurgence in the usage of the leaf, as the scientific evidence surrounding its healing properties is accumulating. 


Olive leaves date back over a million years, and have been enhancing health since the early 1800s. During the Spanish and French battles in the 19th century, Spanish physicians discovered drinking the solution from olive leaves that were boiled and crushed in water assisted the soldiers by decreasing their fevers. The French were mesmerized at how quickly the Spanish soldiers were recovering.  After some undercover investigation by the French, the French realized the Spanish secret weapon was olive leaves.  The French began collecting olive leaves and creating their own olive leaf extract.  The numerous benefits of olive leaf extract were documented in journals by Colonel Etiene Pallas in the 1820s.

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Present Day

In the last couple of years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the remarkable benefits of olive leaf extract among scientists and natural healers.  Currently, scientist are running controlled trials to prove the documented benefits of killing bacteria, enhancing immune functioning, repelling insects and assisting the body in overcoming certain viruses.


The olive leaf contains a substance called oleuropein, a highly natural antibiotic.  Oleuropein inhibits the growth of the herpes simplex virus, the type 3 flu virus and the polio virus.  Additionally, oleuropein helps to destroy bacterial infections, like the staph bacteria.  Another substance in the olive leaf extract is elenolic acid.  Eloneic acid combined with salt forms calcium elenolate, a compound known to work as a healing agent and aid in preventing serious illness. 

There are more than a hundred olive leaf extract benefits.  Some benefits attributed to the olive leaf include:


Ebola Virus



Bladder Infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection



Chicken Pox

Strep Throat

The Common Cold Virus


Cold Sores

Hepatitis A, B and C




Ear Infection


E. Coli


Gastrointestinal ulcers and irritations


Head Lice

Heart Conditions

High Blood Pressure

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Olive leaf extract is primarily used as an immune enhancer to combat illnesses.  Specifically, the olive leaf extract has been used among individuals with HIV or AIDS in capsule or tea form.  In a myriad of studies, these individuals reported that drinking three one-half cups of olive leaf tea three times per day improved their lab test readings. 

Common Cold

The common cold affects everyone at one point in their life or another.  Olive leaf extract is becoming the "go to" herb and regiment to take in order to prevent and cure the condition.  Some individuals taking olive leaf extract say, when the herb is used properly, their cold symptoms seem to magically disappear.  The leaf works best among individuals with healthy immune systems that are not compromised by poor diet, sedentary lifestyle or smoking.  You probably will not experience immediate results, but you will notice a more rapid recovery. 

Cardiovascular Health

The olive has been hailed the ultimate food for helping the heart.  Thus, it should be no surprise that the olive leaf supplies some benefit.  The olive leaf helps regulate your heart and pulse rate. Additionally, the extract works as a diuretic among individuals with heart problems by increasing their urine expenditure by 10 to 15 percent.  To make the most of your olive leaf extract benefits, clinical herbalists recommend taking the olive leaf extract with hawthorn berry extract, an herb known to assist in heart health and functioning. 

Nasal Wash

If you suffer from an upper respiratory condition, catching the flu can make your condition worse.  Consider using olive leaf extract in a nasal wash solution to help in your recovery.  To make an olive leaf extract nasal-wash solution, open a capsule and mix the powder in several ounces of warm water.  Use about a half-ounce of the solution to flush your nasal passages.  Try to get the solution into one nostril and quickly inhale.  If you notice some of the solution is in your mouth, then you have done it correctly.  After a couple of times and within a couple of minutes, you will notice your sinuses start to drain. 


Olive leaf tea is easy to make.  Combine two ounces of crushed olive leaves and one pint of distilled water.  Boil the mixture and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes.  Remove from the heat and steep for 20 minutes.  Drink two to four ounces three times per day to fight infection.  At the point of this publication, guidelines have not been established for consuming olive leaf tea for preventative measures.  However, approximately four ounces per day may help boost and support immune functioning. 

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Dosage Guidelines

The guideline recommended dosage for preventative care is a maximum consumption of 500 milligrams. If you are fighting an infection, research supports taking three to four 500-milligram capsules of olive leaf extract every six to seven hours in order to destroy the infection quickly. No toxic levels or harmful side effects have been established or reported for consuming olive leaf extract.  However, consuming too much olive leaf extract can cause a phenomenon known as “die off.” Die off occurs when your symptoms worsen before going into remission.  This is the body’s way of throwing off the accumulated toxicity of taking too much. If you do experience this effect, cut back on your dosage and temporarily discontinue until your symptoms subside.    


Before experiencing the olive leaf extract benefits, always consult your physician prior to taking any herbal remedy to decrease your health risks. It is always best to let your treating medical doctor know all supplements you are taking.