Olive Oil Soap - Best Skin Cleansers and Natural Health Soaps

Olive oil soap is known for many of its skin and health benefits. Known to English speaking countries as Castile Oil Soap, olive oil has been widely used as the first body cleansers especially in ancient Egypt, and its abilities are free of doubt or wary. Olive oil soap is one of nature's gifts to humans and many people use olive oil in their daily lives to both look great and feel great.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, the main ingredient for this soap and the greatest exponent of monosaturated oil, is the essence of the olive tree and its fruit. Other than therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, olive oil is an excellent accessory in kitchens worldwide and is also used as fuel for oil lamps. Olive oil inside the body helps to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and is anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive both in the body systems of animals and humans. Other than sautéing and the like, or maybe consuming the oil as it is (this is actually possible), it is a very excellent ingredient for soap.

Olive oil soap is most preferably made from 100% extracted olive oil and usually comes in a pure, white-colored bar. However, some oil manufacturers or even those who make their own olive oil soap blend other oils, like palm or coconut oil, to hep balance out the bar like providing a more bubble lather or helping to harden the bar.

Uses on the body

This soap is used mostly and is wonderful on the body and the face. Some may opt to use it on their hair, but this will often make the hair sticky, and is thus not recommended. It is also not very useful to wash clothes or any other fabric. Basically, olive oil soap should only be used on the body and the face.

The lather from olive oil soap is not the usual lather from everyday commercial soaps. Often, long-time users may describe its lather as "smooth and creamy", while first-time users describe it as "slimy", mostly because of the oil in the bar.

Olive oil soap is excellent during long, hot showers. The soap deeply penetrates the skin and provides a healthy, radiant glow to the skin after any bath, and makes the skin smoother and looking naturally compact and less saggy. This is also perfect for dry skin as it relieves chapping due to its moisturizing ability. Olive oil has a unique synergy with the human skin because the chemical makeup of olive oil is very much similar to the natural oils produced by human skin, thus is it safe and excellent to use for everyday skin care. Its many vitamins also help to enrich our outer bodies.

For people who have sensitive skin, olive oil soap is one of the best possible options as is it's much more soft and gentle to the skin than other soaps.

For eliminating stretch marks

If you've just finished giving birth or have lost or gained weight, stretch marks may appear in undesirable areas due to overstretching of the skin. Olive oil soap is one remedy to this problem. For an even smoother finish, apply olive oil after the bath when the skin is still damp, as it is still permeable due to open pores. This is much cheaper compared to getting laser treatment or buying commercial ointments over the counter. Plus, olive oil is a more natural way to get rid of those lines without the fear of side effects or further skin damage.

The olive oil soap industry

Olive oil soap may come in different scents fragrances and can actually be customized by most suppliers to satisfy the aromatherapy needs of some customers. Popular scents are lavender and chamomile. These scented olive oil soaps are more often preferred due to their lasting fragrance on the skin.

Bodyshop and De Tuinen, and many online shops, provide excellent olive oil soap for soap enthusiasts all over the world. Prices may range from $3 to $5 per bar. If one is more interested in making their own soaps, there are many reatively easy online tutorials which demonstrate step by step procedures for creating olive oil soap.


Due to a much greater demand in the cosmetic world and the human race for beauty, many beauty products for the skin have been created, and the olive oil soap still stands as one the most excellent soaps created, as it has been for many centuries. For smoother, softer, and healthy-looking skin, olive oil soap is a creation that is much less expensive, much more effective, and is one of nature's best gifts to humans.