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Income at Infobarrel

Infobarrel is an excellent site , although I've barely begun to tap its potential.

Last month, I earned a total of $8.06 on my 64 published articles. Out of my earnings, some of this was from referral income. I don't want to give the exact amount, just in case my best referral doesn't want me to go public with this figure.

Several people have signed up under my name, and only one has written anything. But he is very prolific. Actually, I don't know how he manages to pump out so many high-quality articles in such a short time. All I can say is that I am totally inspired by what has been accomplished.

It clearly shows there is the possibility of earning very good money here, as long as you have a large volume of articles. Or, you could get very lucky and have an article soar in search engine rankings. This would ensure a steady stream of visitors. Infobarrel is definitely among the top-tier revenue-share platforms in existence right now. I like the idea of writing for an established site with a solid track record.

Pinterest seems to be one of the keys to driving traffic to Infobarrel. I don't use Twitter for my articles here as much as I should. Sometimes I backlink (nofollow) related articles from one of my blogs.

As time allows, I plan to continue adding more articles here. I am very pleased with the quality control process, and the insistence that articles meet certain standards. Many of us who've been writing for various sites have seen the damage caused by spammers.

One thing that's very exciting is that upcoming changes are planned for Infobarrel. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Piggy bank
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Squidoo Earnings

A few months ago, I published an article here about giving Squidoo another chance. But that was short lived. Recently, the site's headquarters has announced more sweeping changes. One of the hardest to take is the fact that only 175,000 lenses, or articles, at any given time are live. The rest are dead and not visible to the search engines.

This is frustrating, because even the short "lenslets," which take only about 15 minutes to create, and feature a single product, are included in this tally. In the future, if I have a single product review, I'll feature it either here, on Seekyt or on Wizzley. None of these sites play such complicated games.

Anyway, for the month of May, paid out in June, I earned $3.62 on about 20 featured lenses. It's hard to say exactly how many live lenses I have, as the total fluctuates from day to day. At least a couple of my "dead" lenses have come back to life.

I have no plans to add any more copy there until things settle down. One other problem is the fact that you can no longer cash out unless you have a total of $25. However, if you don't reach this goal within a year, your money is donated to charity.

Zujava and Wizzley

Last month I earned 44 cents on Zujava. Most of my articles previously published there have been moved here, or to other sites. My Wizzley earnings were zero last month, although I might have made a few cents with Chitika, which I use there. Wizzley is a affiliate-friendly site and my income there is primarily from affiliate sales. I also need to pair Wizzley with Pinterest promotion, which I didn't do last month.

However, Wizzley is definitely part of my ongoing earnings strategy. Some months I have made money there with a little more than 200 articles. This site will  now replace any aspirations I once had for Squidoo. Wizzley is a very attractive platform that lends itself well to my Catholic articles, one of my favorite niches.


I took a break from Bubblews in early June, because the site was running so slowly. However, it's working very well now, so I'm trying to post at least one article a day. I now have a little more than $30 in the bank, and I will likely reach payout for July. It would be impossible to break down how much I earned there in June. But Bubblews is great for those times when you need a break from writing longer articles. The minimum you need to post is 400 characters, not words.

Additional Online Revenue

I'm convinced that in order to earn a living online, you need a variety of income streams, both from revenue-share platforms and your own sites as well. Some people advocate focusing on one site exclusively, and I can certainly understand their arguments in doing that. One of Wizzley's most successful writers has adopted this strategy and I can't argue with her results. But I think I'm the more cautious type.

So I've tried to spread my work out across many different venues, including several of my own blogs. Additional online earnings for the month of June, separate from what I described above, are $365.07. So far, though, with the summer slowdown in traffic, I don't think I'll meet this figure for July.