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Olympics are a worldwide sporting event that is supposed to bring and represent world peace regardless of existing political situations. Some may argue that the Olympics do not serve their purpose and should therefore be discontinued. The following is a look at the values and merits of the Olympic sporting event as it is debated today.

Arguments For
Stimulation and regeneration
Economic boost (tourism, jobs)
Bidding creates healthy competition to be good.
Creates unity of nation and world
Chance to prove self as country
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Stimulation and regeneration
Hosting the Olympic Games gives a huge amount of national and international pressure to make good global appearances. Working under specific deadline, grand city improvement projects take place and work powerfully for the overall betterment of the hosting city. The 1992 Barcelona Olympics resulted in the recreation of the port and coastal areas, making them lasting cultural and tourist attractions. Olympic villages could be converted to low-cost housing after the Olympics, as is proposed by London for the 2012 games.

Economic boost
To the sudden influx of projects and money creates a huge amount of jobs and economic activity. After the games the hosting city retains a lasting global impression therefore creating higher tourism and economic prosperity. Sidney estimates an extra £2 billion in tourist dollars within the four years after the 2000 Australian Olympic Games. Compared to some other economic endeavors such as military action or automobile industry bailouts, the Olympic expenditures are nothing to be complaining about.

Competitive bidding
Bidding between countries creates healthy competition and gives the incentive to be economically, socially and environmentally responsible. Due to the rotation of the bid through continents and many levels of revision and the overall transparency of the process; the bidding itself is fair and rewards those countries who are responsible world citizens. Much has been changed since the Salt Lake city scandal where 13 of the 124 international Olympic Committee members were bribed or bought in some way. The process is now completely fair and open countries do not have to be worried that they will lose the bid just because they are not corrupt enough.

Global responsibility
Being selected to host the Olympic Games is a huge honor and brings about the will to acquire a good global image. The tourism and the intense media and economic attention encourages hosting countries to be more responsible global citizens. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics China was accepted as a member of the global community and as a result was encouraged to be socially responsible with regards to their human rights issues and communist methods of maintaining power. Contrary to some beliefs; banning Olympics does not provide good incentives for countries to be socially responsible, instead bans and boycotts give a national sense of resentment and little drive to impress the global community. Honoring countries with hosting the Olympics gives them the encouragement and respect needed to build healthy relationships between the world, that country and its citizens.

World unity
Olympics is a celebration of global peace and international cooperation regardless of political or military situations. The charter of the Olympic states that cooperation through sportsmanship is key to international relationships and no country should be denied the opportunity to show their social responsibility through hosting the Olympic Games. South Korea improved much of its international and intra-national relations when given the honor of hosting the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. Having a poor humans rights record and various problems with its justice system South Korea made many improvements as a direct result of the attention and encouragement from the global community.

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