If you have been shopping around for olympic weight sets you will of probably noticed that these sets of weights do not come cheap. This doesn't mean that you can still not pick up a bargain. The Internet as we all know is a shoppers paradise, with websites everywhere selling products at a variety of different prices. Well with weight sets, especially olympic sets the price from each website to website does not vary that much.

Olympic Weight SetsLet's start off my tellling you more about what olympic weights are, well simply put these are weights that have a 2 inch diameter hole in the center which you place over your olympic bars and equipment. Most weight plates over 20 kg will be olymic, the smaller weight plates such as 1.25, 2.5 and 5 kg are usually made with the standard 1 inch hole center.

If you are wanting to train hard on your squats and deadlifts, then olympic weight sets are going to be your best choice, this is because its highly likely that you will be training heavy. Don't get me wrong you can still buy 20 kg , 25 kg even 50 kg standard weight plates, but they are quite rare and there are not that many out there in the marketplace.

One of the best places to shop online for olympic weights and sets as got to be the online auction giant eBay. Weight training is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, which means that lots and lots of people all over the world own lots of weights and gym equipment. Weight sets are so sturdy and hard wearing that almost every second hand piece of weight training equipment sold on eBay is virtually brand new. I must warn you though, the days of getting bargains for gym equipment such as olympic weights is coming to an end. This is because the market is so saturated with people ready to buy this fantastic piece of gym equipment.

Plus when you start bidding on eBay, your sense of hard cash go's out of the window, and some second hand auctions sell for virtually the full price it would cost you to buy brand new. If you are looking for a true bargain on eBay, look for olympic weights that look a bit tatty and have a small amount of rust. These sets usually go for a very cheap price and all it takes to have these weights looking like new again is a coat of black metal paint, which will only set you back a few dollars from your local hardware store.

Another good tip when you are shopping for olympic weight sets on eBay is to narrow your search down to the distance that you are prepared to travel to pick up the weights. Because this item is very heavy, 99% of second hand auctions are going to be collection only, this is because it would cost a small fortune to ship the weight sets due to their heavy weight. If you have got a rough idea on how much you are willing to pay and what the weight set would cost new. If you see an auction that looks good and has a bargain buy it now price. You need to act fast, because these type of auctions do not last long. The bottom line is always shop around online to find yourself the cheapest and best deals that you can.