If you have olympic weights in your home gym one of the best places to store them whilst their not being used is by using an olympic weight tree. This highly useful piece of gym equipment comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes allowing you to fit the appropiate sized olympic weights onto it. So before you jump in and buy the first one that you see, you need to first find out what size olympic weight plates you own and how many. Once you have got this information you are now ready to go out and buy one.

Olympic Weight Tree (15900)The best place to buy this excellent piece of gym equipment has got to be the Internet. The internet is full of fitness companies that sells a variety of different olympic weight trees. One good place to look online for one is Amazon. This website has got lots and lots of different weight trees to choose from at the right price. So let's take a quick look at just two models that are currently for sale on the amazon website.

The first model that we are going to look at is the Deltech Fitness Olympic Weight Tree. This product has an amazon customer review rating of 5 stars out of 5 coming from 8 different customer reviews. This alone quickly tells me that it is a product that looks good and I should take a closer look at it. This weight tree has five 8 inch long pegs and one 5 inch long peg on the top, which is going to give you lots of storage space to store away your olympic weight plates. It is made from tubular steel and has been finished in a tough powdercoat paint finish to ensure that you get years and years good use out of it. The dimensions of this model are 20 inches by 18 inches by 48 inches and it weighs 28 pounds. Because of its upright and vertical design it takes up a lot less room than your more traditional A frame style weight trees.

The second model that we are going to look at is the Body Solid WT46 Olympic Weight Tree. This tough and durable product has six chrome plated storage points and can hold up to a whopping 1000 pounds of olympic weight plates. The weight tree is made from heavy gauge steel and has plastic caps on the ends of each post. It also has 4 rubber foot tabs that have been riveted to the feet of the tree to help protect your expensive gym flooring from damage and wear. The dimensions of this model are 23 inches wide by 40 inches high by 20 inches diameter, it weighs 32 pounds and comes with a full lifetime warranty. This olympic weight tree will also allow you to store two olympic bars on it as well as your weight plates. This is an excellent easy to assemble product that is going to look fantastic in everyone's home gym.