Spacey Selling his EP-1


Funky, gorgeous design.
Super Cool
Great Quality
Easy to Use
Enjoy Owning


Not as fully functional as a traditional SLR, but then that wouldn't be the point would it?

Full Review

Sell the Olympus PEN to me

Now as a rule I like to think of myself as a puritanical buyer, a consumer immune to the advertising to the masses.

A better than thou, thoughtful, calculating and intelligent buyer of things only really vital to my lifestyle.

I like to think that but of course I am not, in fact when I see something or even worse, feel something that is designed just right, I have to have it!

Kevin Spacey selling a camera on TV? Why? Doesn't he earn enough already?

And then things fall into place. With a media world overflowing with cheap and degrading ads making you turn off, along comes a masterpiece from the legendary Team Saatchi advertising company.

And they sold, well they sold it to me anyhow.

Should I Buy One?

Well if you are reading this for an in depth review of RAW data capabilities and firmware versions you will be disappointed, I am a normal person reviewing a beautiful camera from the heart not the recess of the dark mind of a techno geek.

Anyway, back to the question. Ask yourself when was the last object you owned that you loved using, touching, handling, showing your friends (be good now!)?

I haven't many things, but my Iphone is there, as is my beloved Mac and my Fender Stratocaster. And so now my Olympus Pen joins the team.

The tactile feel comes from the quality of the steel housing on the camera, I have always wanted an SLR but have felt guilty of owning one for fear of not using it's full capabilities but not only that, they are big and ugly and are designed around the shot and not the use.

The Olympus EP1 PEN snugly fits into your palm and the reassuring weight steadies your hand. Using the many inbuilt features is a little daunting at first but you soon find a few favourite settings.

The lense is superb making for bright, clear pictures and some stunning ones too.

The high definition video capture is very good too. I used to use my compact for short videos and by comparison it is in a different league but not as good as a dedicated recorder. Still perfect for those surprise moments though.

If you are like me and get lost in the sea of mind numbingly boring camera reviews and want a camera that takes high quality images, looks great and enjoy good design then I think the the Olympus PEN is the way to go.

In Closing

I am not a camera reviewer but as Kevin says "I don't wanna be the camera guy. You know Mr super zooper eight pocket camera bag, fifteen lenses, three tripods, flack jacket.... I don't wanna be that guy."