Review: Omega Men's 2225.80 Dial Watch

The Omega '2225.80' Seamaster Chronograph dial watch is the modern revision of a popular model from a brand that is often said by its proponents to be the market leader in reliable and loved fashion sports watches. Omega have certainly worked hard at supporting this idea through everything from their original hand-assembled, key wound watches in the 1800's to their watches used by NASA astronauts in the 60's.Omega Men's 2225.80 Seamaster Chronograph Dial (front view)(122021)Credit: -- Omega

Omega certainly has an impressive history but how does this particular model, the Omega Seamaster 2225.80, hold up against its maker's heritage? In this article we take a detailed perspective at the watch itself and we compare our analysis to the reviews of 'actual' customers who have purchased and used the watch for themselves.

Functionality and Design

This particular range of wristwatch, like many of Omega's designs, take real functionality seriously. These are intended to be truly practical watches for everyday wear as much as they are intended to be stunning to look at. The 2225.80 Seamaster features a sturdy fold over clasp with a push button release for easy removal and security. The display is analog, like all great wristwatches, and is simple to read with clear hand design. This watch features all your trimmings of a high end sports watch as well, with a simple timer/stop watch, date display multiple time panels. 

Strength and Resilience

The band of the 2225.80 is full stainless steel and features a comfortable 3-2 parallel link design, which can easily be shortened by a jeweler. The watch face is reported to be highly scratch resistant due to its crystal coating. The clasp features the popular triple fold and is very reliable. The entire watch weighs in at a hefty 16-ounces, which certainly gives it that feeling of quality design without being uncomfortable like some of the 20-ounce plus watches certainly can be. 


This watch has a timeless look with a navy blue face with white details and a stainless steel band. Wristwatches matching this style have been popular and stylish for decades now and will continue to be for decades to come. The face itself is a easy to see with an the anti-reflective screen and it is much more detailed than its close competitor the TAG Link Chronograph. Whether more or less detail is preferred is a personal matter entirely.

Customer Support and Warranty

Omega backs all of their watches with a minimum two year warranty, which is tied to a warranty card with an 8-digit serial number. This card must be retained for the warranty to be effective and retaining the receipt can also be helpful in some cases. Customers have reported mixed opinions on warranty service, which will be reviewed in the customer opinions section.

Omega Men's 2225.80 Seamaster Chronograph Dial (back view)Credit: -- OmegaOmega also offer full servicing on all of their watches for a fee. This servicing is recommended every one to two year to prevent leaking seals and to ensure proper functionality, though it is by no means compulsory. Services are best done through official Omega service people though any skilled watchmaker or service place will be able to service Omega watches. 

Customer Opinions and Feedback

As mentioned earlier in this article, many Omega customers rate the brand as one of the most reliable and best loved brands of watches in the world. This is certainly reflected in the reviews for this particular model as well. One customer who reviewed the Seamaster 2225.80 Chronograph was happy to say that "since Omega is one of the most reliable and loved watches, this watch is then one of the best watches on the market today". 

Overall, reviews and feedback for this model were extremely positive. However, reviews of customer support were occasionally negative with one customer saying "Best watch, worst customer support". One customer had his watch spring a leak after many years of use (which he found more than satisfactory) but that repairs were carried out to a poor standard. However, stacking up reviews featuring negative opinions against the ones that are positive reveals a telling story. This watch averages higher than 4.5 stars across multiple customer reviews sites. The Omega Men's 2225.80 Seamaster Chronograph dial watch is one that reviews as an all round fantastic sports-style watch.