Omega 3 fish oil has become quite popular and is often talked about, or I can go as far as to say, worshiped, by a huge number of varied people ranging from doctors to athletes to healthy enthusiasts.

There is plenty of evidence already that Omega 3 fish oil is very beneficial for our body and, as with many other such things, we are just not getting any or enough of it in our diets.

In a number of sources I have even seen it quoted that Omega 3 is the greatest deficiency in our society and it is recommended that we supplement with two to three grams of fish oil per day, even if you already eat fish.

The trouble with eating fish is that we have a problem of sustainability, i.e. a large and growing population and dwindling fish resources, which we consume at a far greater speed than they are able to regenerate. This is of course a global issue and perhaps there are people out there who don’t care at all about this. In this case, it is important to understand that there is also another problem with fish and that is toxicity.

What does that mean? We are what we eat and what we eat, in turn, is what it ate and so on down the food chain. If you were to spend some time researching where our fish comes from nowadays, what conditions it is grown in and what the fish itself eats and what chemicals it is injected with, then you soon come to a realization that in a number of cases, had you known the truth, you would not have eaten that fish. As a side point this is true for a lot of food we eat.

fish oil(46365)The trouble for the average person is that we are busy. We do not have the time to do such research. We have jobs, families, duties, etc and basically very few people can truly know where their food comes from and if it is healthy or not.

You could for example eat certain species of fish which are not possible to be farmed, thereby assuring that you are receiving a natural, as intended by nature, nutrition, but the vast majority of people neither know this information nor can assure that the fish which is in front of them complies with this.

This is the reason why eating fish, which you have no idea the source of, is not enough in order to supply your body with sufficient amount of the Omega 3 that it needs.

For those who are vegetarians and are receiving their Omega 3 from plant based foods it is important to understand that the Omega 3 which is derived from plants is a different molecule than the Omega 3 which comes from fish. And moreover, the plant based molecule is not what the body requires. The body needs to convert that into the substance that it needs and this conversion is not very efficient.

So, for vegetarians, I can not tell you what to do, but you have the facts that our body needs the correct Omega 3 molecules and you can not supply it properly from plat based foods. The decision is up to you.

For everyone else, to conclude, you need to take two to three grams of Omega 3 fish oil per day. Not supplying your body with nutrients which it needs will result in negative health, for which you will pay dearly down the road.