What Style Of Juicer Is This?

The Omega 8004 is a masticating style juicer.  It is very much different from another popular style, centrifugal.

This style of juicer uses an auger, and grinds the fruits and vegetables.  You can almost compare it with a stone mill.  It is slower in nature...but most advanced juicers actually preffer it.

Want to find out why?  Keep reading. 

Omega 8004 Juicer Review

So, why are advanced juicers opting for a slow juicer?  There are a few reasons. 

First and the most important reason is the quality of the juice it produces.

How does it do that?  By reducing oxidation and heat.  Those two factors are fresh juice's worse nightmare.  Remember I mentioned centrifugal juicers earlier?  While they are super fast, most experts agree that the high speed they operate in, produces a lot of oxidation and heat.  That's because they spin at some crazy fast speed, like 15,000 RPM.

The Omega J8004 juicer on the other hand, spins at only 80 RPM.  At such low speed, there just isn't enough to creat all that heat.  And since it's slow, it's hard to stir up air and creat oxidation. 

That is why the juice from the 8004 is said to be able to store for up to 72 hours and preserve the nutrients, while juice from centrifugal juicers separates within minutes.

If you want the juice with most nuitrient, masticating juicer is the way to go.

ps.  There is a new style of juicer called vertical masticating juicer, you can check out the best reviewed model:  Omega VRT350HD.

Perfect For Leafy Greens And Wheatgrass.

We've all heard that dark green vegetables and wheatgrass is where the most potent nutrients are.  And that is correct.  Not only do they pack the most nutrients, they don't have the extra sugar you find in fruit juices.

However, the problem is getting to the juice.  They are very hard to juice.  Think about this for a second.  We've all squeezed lemon juice out with our bare hands.  Now, try to do that with some spinach with your hands...it's impossible.

There are just too much fiber and not enough liquid. 

The best way to juice them, is not through high speed, but through a slow chewing motion.  Speaking of, when you use this juicer, it actually sounds like someone chewing vegetables.

Now, back on topic.  If you ever used a centrifugal juicer, you will find some big chunks of unjuiced parts.  That's the trade off.  They are fast, but not very efficient at leafy greens.

The Omega 8004 on the other hand, loves green leafy vegetables.  When you feed it into the juicer, the grooves on the auger actually grinds them down to smaller and smaller pieces.  Then it grinds the pulp to tear up the fiber, and squeeze out the liquid.  The more fiber it has, the better it works.

Centrifugal juicers, even though not very good at it, can juice most leafy greens.  But, wheatgrass on the other hand, there is nothing they can do for you.  They can not juice wheatgrass.

This Omega juicer on the other hand, loves to juice wheatgrass.  It is the same principle as the greens.  It grinds and grinds until all the fiber are torn apart and the juice is squeezed out. 

Wheatgrass has been reported by many expert as one of the most powerful, healing plant you can juice.  It makes sense to buy a juicer that is designed for it.

Omega 8004 Juicer Video

Tell Me About The Warranty

Aside from the performance of this juicer, the warranty might be the next most impressive thing. 

Before I tell you, let me just compare it with what other juicer makers are offering.  For most centrifugal juicers, you are looking at one year...some times 2 year warranties.

Even when comparing with other masticating juicers.  Their warranty could be anywhere from 5 to 10 years.  That sounds pretty good, but some companies only covers the motor for the full length.  Other parts might be covered for much shorter time...the parts that tend to wear out faster.

The warranty on the J8004 Juicer is a full 15 years.  That is the longest of any juicer I've heard of.  The whole juicer is covered for 15 years...not just the motor.

It's unheard of for any company to offer a 15 year warranty.  I think that shows you their focus is on the customers, and not just making a quick buck.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Extra Strong Auger

The material used to build the auger in the Omega J8004 is called GE Ultem.  It's 8 times stronger than older models.  It's good news for you because it means less breaking and less replacing.

How Long Does It Take To Clean?

You want to clean it right after juicing.  It's much easier.  What I would do is simply rinse it under some running water.  For most people, it shouldn't take more than 2 to 3 minutes. 

Is There A Lot Of Foam?

There is going to be foam in every juicer.  But, since it operates at a low speed, there is less foam than other juicers.  There is a screen that goes on top of the juice collector to separate the foam/pulp from the juice. 

Does It Make A Lot Of Noise?

Not at all.  This slow juicer from Omega is super quiet.  That is because it does NOT spin at tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.  At only 80 RPM, all you are going to hear is a very low hum.  You won't wake up the whole house.

Does It Clog Easily?

Absolutely not.  This juicer is designed to juice leafy greens and wheatgrass.  These plants have a lot of fiber.  But the masticating action of the Omega juicer 8004 actually prefer those hard to juice veggies.  Even if you somehow got the juicer stuck, you just flip the switch to the other side, and the juicer reverses and unclog right away.

Juicer Size

It stands at 14.5" x 6.5" x 15.5".  It also has a slender design.  It's easy to just push it against the kitchen wall when you are done juicing.  A lot of times, when you put an appliance away, you ended up forgetting about it.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Not if you can keep it on the counter.  That's a very big plus.

Other Function?

What Else Can It Do?

It might come as a surprise to a some, but this isn't just a juicer.  You can do so much more than just making great juice.

Here is a list of what it can do:

  1. Frozen Natural Sorbet
  2. Natural Baby Food
  3. Nut Butters
  4. Pasta Maker
  5. Bread Stick Maker
  6. Chopping and Mincing

When you get this juicer, you HAVE to make natural fruit sorbet!  I personally avoid dairy as much as possible, and the sorbet this juicer makes, almost makes me forget about real ice cream.

Real Customer Testimonials

These are all taken from Amazon.com, from users who purchased this juicer.

Perfect Score: I tried the rest and got the best! By Dennis Taft

Perfect Score: Everyone at home loves it! By Bonnie

Perfect Score: Great product and very easy to clean. By Boyd

These are just a very small example of what people are saying about this masticating style juicer.  With over 500 reviews, and rated at almost 5 out of 5 stars...people have spoken.

What Are The Cons?

One of the things masticating juicers, like this one, don't do well, is soft fruits.  But to be fair, this juicer is designed for hard vegetables and fruits.  Really ripe and soft mango or pears won't get you much juice.

Another thing you need to know is, since the feed chute is smaller, you will have to do a little more cutting.  With this juicer, it's best to cut things into long thin pieces...especially carrots.  It might take a little bit longer, but you can definitely taste the difference in the juice.

You have to understand this is a slow juicer.  It was designed to be a slow juicer.  If speed is your primary concern, a centrifugal juicer might be a better fit.

What You Should Do

At this point, I feel like you have a very good understand of the Omega 8004 juicer.  You know what it can do, and how to use it.  You also know its strenghts and weaknesses. 

It's about best quality juice and ability to juice leafy greens and wheatgrass.  And you will be surprised how often you will be using it to make sorbets and nut butter...etc

Below I listed two options to get the best deal on this juicer.  I think you will like the savings.

Omega 8004 Comparison

There has been a little bit of confusion regarding the model names, so I would like to take this time to clear things up.

There is no difference between the Omega 8004 and J8004.  They are the same juicer.

And, as far as the 8004 juicer coomparing to the Omega 8006 juicer, the only differences are the color, and the price.  8004 is pearl white, and the 8006 are black and chrome.  The 8004 is also around $40 cheaper.

Omega 8004 Juicer Best Price

The price of the Omega 8004 has been pretty consistant.  While the retail price is $340, you can usually find it for around $260 to $300.  If you see it on sale in the $260 range, you should add it to your shopping cart because that's a really good price.

There are a few stores that sells this model, but the one place you should check is Amazon.  They are offering free shipping, so take advantage. 

Omega 8004x Refurbished

I've never bought a used kitchen appliance, and normally I don't recommend it.  You never know how the previous owner treated the thing.  You don't even know if it works.

That's until I found out Omega has a certified refurbished program.  Basically, they check the machine to make sure it work.  They replace any parts that needs to be replaced, and then they repackage it in a box just like a brand new unit...along with all the accessories.  AND, you get a really awesome warranty...12 years!!!

Some people would rather buy a brand new juicer, while some don't mind a used one.  The option is up to you.  The one thing I wouldn't recommend is buying a used juicer from some random people.  The only place I recommend is Amazon.com.  They are trust worthy, and almost always have the best price.

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