Omron are a brand that are well recognized and respected. They have lots of different monitoring devices, with one of them being the Omron heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors are very important devices, especially for people who like to work out and keep fit. Knowing what your heart rate is, is very important for determining how effective your workout is. If you are working too hard, this can put strain on your body which can lead to injuries. Heart rate monitors will quickly and easily tell you your heart rate, which is then going to tell you if you need to work harder or if you need to slow down a bit. Omron manufacture quite a few different models, so lets take a closer look at just one of the models of heart rate monitor that omron have out there in the marketplace today.

Omron Heart Rate MonitorThe omron heart rate monitor that we are going to look at is the HR-100C model. This monitor is so easy to use and program. It will help you to maintain the correct heart rate with its excellent high and low heart rate alarm system. The chest transmitter belt will send the data to the receiver up to a distance of a whopping 98 feet or 30 meters. It has a backlight function, a daily reminder alarm and will also display the time. The ventilated watch band of the HR-100C is also very comfortable to wear making it ideal to be worn during strenuous exercise. Another fantastic feature of this monitor is the ability to attach the watch receiver to your exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes using the mounting bracket that is included with this model. You will also receive a soft storage case so that you can keep the monitor safely stored away when not in use and ensure that you get years and years of accurate heart rate monitoring.

A word of warning though before you buy this product, if you have a pacemaker or another implanted device, the omron heart rate monitor may interfere with it, so its a must that you consult with a medical professional and the manufacturer of your implanted device before you even think about using a heart rate monitor.

If you are thinking about buying this fantastic device, the best and cheapest place to buy one is with the online retail giant Amazon. This is because not only are the prices the best online, but you can read customer online reviews, which will help to ensure that you are getting a good product. At the time of writing this article the Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor gets a amazon customer review rating of four stars out of five, with this rating coming from a whopping 600 customer reviews. This alone quickly tells me that this product is high quality, due to the high number of positive reviews.