A little over three years ago my former husband walked out on me. He never said, "This isn't working out." He just left with the $42 he had in his pocket. Twenty of that he was supposed to give my son for gas, for driving him the VA hospital rehab program. He never handed over the dough. Instead Howard called me a scant three hours later to tell me he wasn't and addict. He didn't need rehab, and any way they couldn't help him. I saw him two more times after that. Over a year after he left he came back to collect all his things I had stored for free. He accused me of cheating on him with the men I had invited over to help him lift the heavy furniture.

I hadn't so much as kissed a man since he left. Ouch. Well, he always knew how best to push my sore spots. He was, after all, my husband. Three years later I wonder to myself if it isn't time to brush my self off and move on.

I had a co-worker who met her husband on match.com. Cindy was broke at the time, and lonely, renting a room in a house because she couldn't afford her own apartment. Divorce had ruined her finances. The lady who owned the house was also single, and a little bored. "Let's sign up for those internet dating sites!" She suggested to my co-worker. Do you know, within a year they were both happily married?

Cindy went on three dates. The first man she met she just didn't "click" with. He was nice, but he droned on about his ex-wife. There was no second date with him. The next man she met through the service was in her description "crazy." She was glad she met him in a very public coffee shop because she couldn't get out of there fast enough. The last date, was the man she later married. The man she is still with all these years later. Its kind of romantic to think of. Her room mate was the widow of a semi famous oil painter. A cultured and elegant woman who signed up with the eHarmony website. In less than a year she also met a husband, a retired judge.

Some internet dating services match people of similar ilk. One of my friends, who is Christian, found her husband on a site called Equally Yoked. I think if your religion is important to you its nice to be with someone of the same values. I'm not Christian myself. Though I am open minded, I don't think I would make a Christian man happy. If his religion really mattered to him, he'd be frustrated with my lack of participation. Equally yoked ensures you're going in the same direction, at least celebrating the same holidays.

Some internet dating services, or phone social networks are like chat lines. Designed for hooking up, or shallow relationships more than sustained dating. I suppose its an idea whose time has come. What consenting adults do together is their business. Be careful though, a woman who has had too much to drink puts her self in vulnerable position. Still I like to think there's someone for everyone. Even if you drink too much, there must be a drinking partner out there for you. Or even if you are shy and overweight, there must be another equally shy person yearning to be seen.

Do I want to use a dating service? We'll see