Heavenly sand beaches, and gorgeous weather all add up to wonderful holidays.

Global warming might be causing a rise in temperature world wide, or at least that's what the scientists in Florida say, but over here up north it seems like the days are getting colder as fast as the holidays are approaching. When it gets too cold to handle, you just gotta go somewhere nice and warm. 

Every holiday break I find myself taking a beach vacation somewhere south, the Carribeans, South America, wherever the weather is welcoming. Luckily Carribean destinations also happen to offer my favorite part of a vacation: the best beaches in the world. From the shores of Cuba, on Varadero's sandy white beaches that feel as soft as they look, and sink in harmoniously to the clear turquoise tint of the Carribean. Waters in which you can find yourself swimming with dolphins, and see a colorful plethora of fish circling your legs as you take your first dip. You may spend your day relaxing on the transat, or swimming in the cool but not cold sea, and enjoying it's gentle ebb and flow.

Varadero is one of my favorite carribean destinations for a couple of reasons, primarily because im sure to always find cheap holidays there. Indeed it's quite easy to find all inclusive packages to Varadero, that will include not only the food, but also alcoholic drinks. Most other expenditures in Cuba are negligible, even more so if you don't leave the resort! My other reason is that Cuba is a long time touristic country, tourism has sunk into it's culture, and they are so accustomed to it everyone will treat you like royalty.

Aside from the great beach activities available, Varadero has several tourist amenities for all ages, including a traditional market in downtown Varadero, where i found it convenient to buy souvenirs for a bartered price. I must warn you, just as in any other southern destination, barter is how everything is sold, you can definitely buy anything at the market for much less than it is initially offered. Of course if you'd like to be generous to the seller that is your choice, but to give you an idea, I bought a humidor for less than 20$ when the seller tried to sell me it for over 100$. Of course simpler souvenirs might just be sold for a few dollars.

At night, resorts tend to have activities and shows for the whole family that include skillfull dancing, and games involving everyone. The staff is generally very friendly and are always available for advice in case you'd want to go to a night club later on that night. It's of course their job.

Definitely a repeat on my bucketlist of beach destinations, and i strongly encourage you to check it out. Read more about Carribean destinations on my blog.