I purchased the Once Upon A Princess Cricut cartridge with my daughter's birthday party in mind. She is my little princess and I thought she would get a kick out of invitations made by mommy! I wasn't counting on how many features there are and all the great extras that I hadn't expected!

There are three basic princesses, each with different hair. Then there are seventeen different outfits you can use to make your princess really special. These outfits include a princess ball gown with fairy wings and a wand, a mermaid tail, a rockstar, an angel, ballerina, cowgirl and several others! I can't wait to make the invites for my daughters party and I think she will be so excited when she sees them. There are also other images that really set the scene for your project like a castle, frog prince, gifts, a crown, treats, jewels and even a unicorn!

There are also whimsical little phrases that fit the theme of this cute cartridge like, "Sugar & Spice," "If the crown fits," and "drama queen!" These would work well in so many different projects and they are in a cute font that matches the cartridge theme well. There are also "gems" in this cartridge. The gems are essentially a shape with an image cut out in them like a scepter, a cupcake or a star. There is also a solid background for the gem so that the cutout will stand out in a different color than the shape. This would make a cute little accent to put in the corners of a page or on the back of a card. There is a font setting where each letter of the alphabet is written in a flowing handwritten style and each letter is also shown as a cutout in a crown. Then there is the tag setting to make gift tags or photo tags. Finally, there is a setting for shadows. These are for the base image and the phrase so that your image stands out from the page and looks three-dimensional.

The Once Upon A Princess Cricut cartridge also comes with a few really cool extras. One of these is three styles of gift bags. They would make a cute party favor bag at a princess party too! Next is the crown. This isn't just an image of a crown, you actually cut it out large enough to fit your little princess and it comes in two sizes, how cool is that? You can also make a girl-sized scepter so your little princess can rule with confidence! One of the coolest things I've ever seen is the 3 dimensional castle. You cut out the pieces and use them to construct a paper castle. This thing would look so cool as a centerpiece at my daughters birthday! It does look a little messy to construct, but what fun things aren't messy?

So if you have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter that fancies herself a princess (and don't they all?) then you should most definitely get the Once Upon A Princess Cricut cartridge, you'll be surprised at how much cuteness can fit into one cartridge!

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