One24 is a brand new company founded by Mark Seyforth in the summer of 2010. What seems like a new mlm or network marketing company is actually just an illusion. In a One24 review, you will see that this "IRP" or incentivized referral program is not multilevel, but a straight line plan based on preferred customers.

One24 scam may be something that you have searched for if you are looking for a review of this opportunity. Most reviews, even the unbiased ones are very positive about this business and see it as a unique, exciting, and lucrative opportunity for people looking for an affordable home based business.

One24 offers a very healthy product called NatraBurst. This powdered whole food nutrition product can be used as vitamin supplementation, or even as a meal replacement. The product is affordable, and to become a preferred customer and take part in the opportunity, you only need to purchase one product per month which is only $60.00 plus shipping.

In many MLM or network marketing companies it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get involved in the business opportunity. Once involved, the autoship is very high and usually well over $100 per month. In this One24 review you will see that this is not the case. Buying one product qualifies you for commissions in the Incentivized Referral Program.

This program is based on a single level compensation plan that rewards you for all of those people that come into the program after you whether or not you sponsored them. It is a patented compensation plan and there is nothing out there in the industry quite like it.

Mark Seyforth, founder of One24 also shares in the company video (which sells the program itself easily) that although he really loves MLM and network marketing, that the MLM attrition problem plaguing the industry does not bode well with him. This author also feels the same way.

Who wants to waste their time filling a leaking MLM attrition bucket over and over again. It is truly an exercise in futility and that is why many shy away from the industry.

In One24 however, attrition is not a problem because it behooves everyone to stay in the program to begin earning a retirement income of $100,000 to $200,000 per month by the 24th month. This can even happen earlier if one works the business on more of a fast track.

To learn more about One24 it is important to watch the videos and join a waiting list to become involved in the program.

With this company, you are given 24 green tickets once you are a preferred customer. It is the green ticket that allows you to bring another preferred customer into the business. In addition, there is something called a "Gold Rush" which allows you to bring in more people from your waiting list.

The compensation plan is ingenious and quite lucrative and there are many bonus pools that you can earn money from once becoming part of the business.

One24 is not a get rich quick program, but with patience, effort (easy to do part time though), determination, and commitment, it is possible that this incentivized referral program can be a very lucrative opportunity.

As of the writing of this, the company is only in the USA, but has plans for expansion throughout the world very soon.