Cowboys used to brew their coffee over open fires, and the way they could tell it was ready was when you could throw a horse shoe in the pot and it wouldn't sink. We've certainly come a long way from "horse shoe coffee" haven't we? Now, our coffee machines are often sleek and modern-looking, blending in with our up-to-date gadgets and 21st century houses and offices. Single serve coffee makers will brew you an instant cup of coffee, fresh and perfect every time, and they have so many different flavors and varieties to choose from it can boggle the mind.

One Cup Coffee MakersOne cup coffee makers are great because they take up very little space in our kitchen, or even our own office desks. They also provide the consistency and variety and speed that you just can't find elsewhere. They come in different forms, whether in single-serve espresso machines like Keurig coffee machines, Senseo with their coffee pods, Tassimo coffee makers, and even French press coffee. These single-serve coffee makers can fit right in at the office break room or in a modern kitchen and they are often more energy efficient and cheaper to maintain than traditional industrial coffee makers. Most of all, they're generally easier to clean and much much faster than their less advanced counterparts. That equals more time enjoying your coffee... and less time cleaning up and waiting for your Liquid Life to brew.

You can even find travel one cup coffee makers that will brew you a cup of fresh coffee on the go. We love the single serve french press coffee mugs that can be found in many different stores. All you need to get that fresh cup of coffee is some grounds and hot water. Let them steep for a while and then push down the filter, and you've got a steaming fresh hot cup of coffee any time you like.

Their size and usefulness are only some of the reason why one cup coffee makers are growing in popularity, but the best reason for it is that you can be ensured of a wonderfully hot cup of coffee however you want it, wherever you want it, and in less time you would normally put on a big coffee brewer. While they are not perfect for every occasion, a single serve coffee machine has a lot to offer the busy office or home where everybody likes their coffee just a little different.