Thinking of Leaving Cubicle Nation?

Quit Dreaming and Do Something Great

Most great ideas were hardly profitable when they were first envisioned. Many major discoveries are actually made by accident in the pursuit of another goal. For instance, penicillin was actually a mistake on Alexander Fleming's petri dish. Viagra was actually meant to be a blood pressure drug.

The "easy life" is not very easy, nor is it very enthralling. Because of fear, many choose the easy road of a $30-50,000 per year job instead of following their dreams. Risk is relative. It may actually be "riskier" to stand back and do nothing.

Your typical job offers just enough pay and benefits to keep you around. Nothing is guaranteed, you could be laid off, your benefits could be slashed. As time passes on more employers are putting healthcare expenses on their employees. Pension and matched retirement contributions are becoming less and less.

Workers work just hard enough not to get fired. Employers pay just enough to keep the workers from leaving. And so goes the system.

How many people have ever thought about doing something meaningful? How many gave up interests in art or music so that they could peck away for 40+ hours a week and barely get by for 20-30 years?

If you're going to be sweating, why not sweat for something that's meaningful to you?

The truth is that the "great idea" you have for tomorrow, requires action today. When you constantly "daydream", you constantly put that image of success out into the distant future.

The problem is, life is experienced in the present and the present determines your distant future. When you're deeply committed to a goal, the universe will bend over backwards to show you the way.

It doesn't mean it's an easy journey, but one that is much more worthwhile.

Start a side venture. In fact, start multiple side ventures and see which one gains traction.  Sure it's hard work at first, but anythign worth doing takes hard work.

After you overcome the initial inertia of a task, don't be afraid to reap the benefits. But the old adage "You reap what you sow" holds true. You can work 40 hours at your day-job, and 10 hours slowly building a dream for yourself.

Prosperity guru Bob Proctor has taught that there's a season to reap, and a season to sow. Many people sow for a day or two and expect to reap a full harvest.

Don't ask how to attract passive income, ask how to earn passive income. If you can earn income while making a difference in the world, so be it.

You don't age regretting having left the rat race.

Smile. Life is fun, remember?