This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves her easy to use digital camera for flowers as well as grandkids

Spring is Springing for the Sandwich Generation
Credit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

There's Photo Hope for this Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny!

When it comes to photography, my family is full of photo-ninjas! They are experts at using very powerful and difficult DSLR cameras along with just as powerful and just as difficult software like Photoshop, and every other grand – and, you guessed it, difficult - photography equipment known to mankind. And then there's me! A Sandwich Generation granny nanny with a passel of grandkids and limited skills with cameras and Photoshop. 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm very techy-geeky! I've been using and loving computers for decades and I do great at blogging and writing. But somehow, when it comes to Photoshop, my left brain trips over my right brain. And those DSLRs are just tooooooo heavy! But what's a granny nanny to do with no grandkid photos?

Ahhhh, but there's hope for all of us in this boat. Thanks to a very good friend, I learned about a Canon Powershot wonderful, small, lightweight, and very easy to use digital camera that I can handle. I’ve also discovered, which gives me plenty of photo editing tools I can actually figure out.

Now mind you, my ninja-photo family pictures are definitely contest-worthy and gorgeous. And I admire them heartily. But my simpler photos make me quite happy and my sweet little camera even makes me look like a much better photographer than I really am.

One of the best things that my Canon digital camera has, besides being so easy to use, is the image stabilization feature that is built in. As a baby boomer flirting with my senior citizen status, it's a major blessing. My hands have never held totally still (probably all the caffeine in my diet Cokes), and age has not helped with that. I took a photo last summer using a friend's high-faluting DSLR and got some great close-ups of a flower I admired. I also got some really shaky shots because the camera was heavy and my hand shook. With my own camera, I rarely have that problem as the image stabilizer compensates for my shakiness and makes it look like I was holding it totally still. 

And if I get the lighting wrong, I just turn to Picnik and use the sharpen option, or the automatic lighting adjuster, and voila! It looks so pretty!

It took me forever to give this powerful little digital camera a try, but now that I have it, I love it. And combining that with Picnik, I may not be a Ninja, but I do have fun! And you should see how many cute grandkid photos I have! My senior mom and I just love watching them on my digital picture viewer. Talk about your sweet family memories!