Anyone who suffers from hot flashes or night sweats knows that it can disturb sleep.  There are many tips for dealing with night sweats out there, and many of them work and many don't. 
It takes some trial and error to find out which systems work best for you.  Some have sworn by putting their pillow case in the freezer, while others put their pajamas in the freezer!
These ideas have worked well for some, but for anyone else who just wakes up over heated from night sweats or hot flashes, getting a good nights sleep sometimes seems impossible.
I came across this brilliant bed fan,  that simply connects to the bottom of a typical bed (box spring and mattress) and it blows cooling air between the sheets and effectively removes built up body heat.  Now, of course it all depends on how difficult your nights are as to how far you go to get rid of the heat. 
But this might be something to consider if you are constantly being woke in the night drenched in sweat and then faced with not only changing yourself but the sheets, and if you have a partner in your bed, then this can cause sleepless nights for both of you.
Tips for Dealing With Night SweatsCredit: Amazon

This product can also be a great idea for those hot summer nights, instead of air conditioning.  The cooling air just seems to stop the sweating and keep the heat away.
It has adjustable air flow, and sets up in minutes.  It is moveable and you could set this up at the bottom of the bed on the side which needs the most attention.  This is great if you and your partner sleep at different temperatures!

Night Sweats Bed Fan

These bed cooling fans are great for anyone with night time sweats not just for menopause, but if you are dealing with heavy hot flashes, especially at night, this type of fan just might be your answer to a better nights sleep, since quite often, all you want is a cool breeze on your skin when you wake up like that.
So, if you are in the midst of menopause and suffer with hot flashes or night sweats in the middle of the night, then this could be a great investment for you.  You just don't know how long these sweats are going to last, and night after night of broken sleep makes us very grumpy the next day.
Things just seem easier to deal with, when you have had a good nights sleep.  It can also be hard to get to sleep during menopause, and one tip I do have to get to sleep is a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow case.  It just seems to soothe.  But once you are asleep, having a bed fan is just a great way of dealing with the night sweats.
Tips for dealing with nights sweats are everywhere on the internet, but you need to find the ones that work best for you, and this bed fan might be something you should consider if you are having problems with broken sleep due to these flushes.
You can get these online at sites such as Amazon, and you can even purchase special pajamas and sheet sets that help with these issues, but this fan just seems to keep the bed cool, and that can help alot!