One Hit Wonders Of The 21st Century

There have been many artists that have released a hit song, and have never been heard from ever again. These one hit wonder artists had people singing their song for days, weeks, and sometimes even months within the 21st century; however, have failed to release any other songs that have reached the same peak point. Some of these songs that were released from these one hit wonder artists are still played on radio stations currently, up to 10 years later! It is not to say that these one hit wonder artists of the 21st century have only been around for one amazing song, as many of them have a few albums that are filled with great songs; however, all of these artists have released a single song that has made their name known, and have never followed up with another song that has reached the same peak on the billboard charts. After digging through my archives of all of my CDs in my collection, I have composed this list of one hit wonders of the 21st century so that you can remember these artists for the amazing song that they had released!

Eiffel 65

Blue (Da Ba Dee)

January, 2000

Many people were confused about the lyrics to this song by thinking that the chorus was filled with actual words from the English language; however, as the title states, they are simply various sounds placed in sequence. To this day, you can still find lyric websites stating that words "I'm blue, if I was green I would die" exist in the chorus. This song was phenomenal in that a simple beat, paired with some sequenced sounds, could go so viral as to make Eifel 65 a one hit wonder of the 21st century. This one hit wonder artist of the 21st century went on to release many other hits that became semi-famous in continents such as Europe; however, blue was the only song to peak the billboard charts all throughout the world.


Because I Got High

September, 2001

This was the song that every parent didn't want their child to listen to; however, it was continually played on every radio station day in and day out. This one hit wonder of the 21st century had released this song about the harmful and negative effects of getting high off of drugs; surprisingly, Afroman had appealed to audiences all around the world. I am sure that any serious music critic would have deemed this song as a parody song rather than a song that would have peaked the billboard prior to its release to radio stations all over Canada and the United States. Many people's minds are still boggled as to how Afroman could release a song of this sort and be heard on radio stations as a new hit single; however, this catchy song allowed Afroman to make his way onto the one hit wonders of the 21st century list.

Dirty Vegas

Days Go By

June, 2002

This one hit wonder of the 21st century made his fame through this song about him trying to attract attention through his dancing to see a girl whom he had a past with (the music video depicts the dancing as breakdancing). This song has a catchy European beat attached to it, and plays on lyrics that speak to anybody that misses anyone whom they had known in the past. Dirty Vegas makes a great attempt to touch the emotions of the listeners through the lyrics of this song; it is no wonder that this song made it to the top of the charts at the time of this release. Played in night clubs and radio stations everywhere, this one hit wonder of the 21st century made his way onto the list with this hit song.


I Don't Want You Back

February, 2004

This song will most likely never be forgotten by anybody because of its non chalant use of the foulest word in the English language; nonetheless, this one hit wonder of the 21st century turned that bad word into a great hit tune with the release of this song! This was essentially what made Eamon make his way as being a one hit wonder of the 21st century. Many people who have ever had their heart broken, or have been cheated on can easily relate to this song on many different levels because Eamon goes through many of the commonalities of these situations. Since nearly everyone has had their heart broken once or twice, this song shot up to the peak of the charts in only a few days; this one hit wonder of the 21st century was known everywhere early in 2004, and now has not been heard of in ages.


Here (In Your Arms)

February, 2007

This artist that had never been heard of before this song made his debut onto the charts with this hit; it has a catchy beat, and even catchier chorus. This one hit wonder of the 21st century found his way into musical fame with the release of something as simple as good music; other artists use methods such as ironic ideas, and foul language. Hellogoodbye simple released a song that pleased people's ears to make his way onto the one hit wonders of the 21st century list.

Asher Roth

I Love College

April, 2009

Everyone that has ever been to an out of state college can completely relate to all of the statements that were made in this song. This one hit wonder of the 21st century found his way onto the list by producing a song that depicted all of the positive and negative memories of being in college. The artist simply spoke throughout the song without utilizing any phenomenal vocal talent; however, I believe that it was his unique way of explaining the ins and out of being in college that made it a hit. His portrayal of vulgur ideas would have never been thought of as a hit prior to its release on the radio; however, this one hit wonder of the 21st century artist seemingly proved wrong everybody that thought this way.

A. R. Rahman

Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)

March, 2009

This song was featured in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire and featured the legendary Pussycat Dolls as featured artists in the song. After hearing this song throughout the movie, people immediately became attracted to it. The motivational feeling that this song bestows upon the listener is what allowed A. R. Rahman to make his way onto the one hit wonders of the 21st century list. It combines multiple languages to produce a hit that would peak the billboard charts in various countries.

There have been many artists that have been heard worldwide for weeks throughout the 21 century, and then never heard of ever again; this article provides a list of one hit wonders of the 21st century. Some of these artists made it to the tope of the charts by using foul language, others by exemplifying vulgar personal experiences, and others by simply producing a good tune; but however they did it, they were famous through their song at one point in time, and then disappeared into musical limbo thereafter. Will these artists make an appearance on the music charts again? Only time will tell, but as per now, they are regarded to as the one hit wonders of the 21st century!