With a great variety of music and moves, Just Dance 3 for the Nintendo Wii is fun and functional.

Just Dance 3 Nintendo Wii(86124)Credit: AmazonJust Dance 3 for the Nintendo Wii is not just for the pre-teen set who wants to learn new moves with their friends, it is a great family game, too. Our family has used the game for a few months and love how much fun it is to get a bit of a workout in. I have even used it to supplement my frequent workouts. Here is the story of our experience with Just Dance 3.

Why I Wanted Just Dance 3

The buzz about this game is certainly big. I heard about it and saw it while walking the aisles of my local big box store and thought, why not. It was added to my holiday gift wish list and it magically appeared one day in December. I figured that it might be something different from Zumba, which I have tried and liked, but not enough to do all the time. I also hoped it would be appealing to my seven-year-old daughter who needs to be a bit more active and loves to dance.  

Who Actually Uses Just Dance 3

The main person to use the game is my daughter, as I had hoped. She loves it. However, her seven-year-old coordination is not perfect so she does not get great scores on the “game” portion of it. If someone older uses the two-player feature, she is easily frustrated because she loses the game if the other person puts in any effort. I do play against her from time to time but explain to her that if she wants to win, I will let her play on her own. Once or twice, I have laid back and not tried too hard but it was still hard to score less than she was because my overall coordination is so much better than hers is. I am happy to see that her scores are getting better with her coordination, so this is another benefit for my youngster.

How I Use Just Dance 3

My fitness regimen includes cardio on machines at the gym roughly five days a week. The problem with this is my body is used to it and the machines only work my lower body vigorously along with some work on the core. My upper body gets little exercise and it shows. Just Dance 3 on the Nintendo Wii is done with the remote in your right hand, and is based on the arm movements. This works perfectly for me to round out my exercise regimen and work another part of my body that is not worked otherwise while also mixing up my work out some. Days I do Just Dance 3, I am certain to wake up sore the next morning. One problem is that the game needs vigorous motions to register and earn points. There is a real chance you could work vigorously with your right hand and arm to score points, but not as vigorously with your left hand and arm because it is not required by the game. If you are intending to use your time with the game for exercise purposes, it is important to make sure you put an even effort out with each arm.

The game has various options including “dance” and “sweat”. If you choose sweat, you can even put together a personal challenge that pushes you to work out seven days for a week at a mild, moderate or hard level. The game tells you when you have reached the day’s goal overall so you know when you have gotten your Just Dance 3 work done.

Not only has Just Dance 3 helped my family get a bit more active, but also it is fun and silly. We know we do not look the best but it does not matter because it is a game. This is a perfect marriage of mild activity, family fun and electronic game that fits each of my family members because of the way they like to play. It might be just right for your family, too.