One Old Bird Makes 7 Meals - Tried and Tested to save you money each week

One chicken to save you over £40 or $60 per week with this recipe

One Old Bird Makes 7 Meals Book CoverCredit: Nola Baldwin

One Old Bird Makes 7 Meals - Tried and Tested to save you money each week.  Great for those end of months before payday.

Try to get the biggest chicken you can and also shop later in the day to see if you can get one reduced which will save even more money.  We often find after 3pm stores will reduce and also after 7pm – this menu is based on two people but for a family you could buy another chicken especially if they have deals on purchasing 2 often the fresh counter at the market do 2 for £5.00

 Additional Shopping List:

 Bag of Large Potatoes make sure they are nice and clean skins and no green areas and also no eyes on them.

Selection of Vegetables for your roast meal and your soup, broccoli, corn on cobs

Mushrooms, fresh garlic, onions

 1 small pot of single cream (you can use whole milk – pie )

Tbsp Cornflour

1pt whole milk ( soup, pie, )

Stock cubes – I use oxo but any will do

 Pasta Penne, Spaghetti or small shapes

 A French stick or I often buy a ready pkt  bread mix to cook in my breadmaker to serve with the soup – especially if you have guests midweek and top with grated cheese and small tomatoes and grill once cooked and finish in the oven to melt the cheese into the tomatoes.

 Grated cheese (use your leftovers) or purchase the mozzarella the cheapest one is normally about 46p in a bag that you have to slice this is fine and just slice small. Then some med cheddar or red Leicester cheese.

Ready made pastry or make your own if your time precious just buy and if on a diet just purchase the filo pastry.

 Red Lentils 1 x cup

Rice (any) 1 x  cup

1 jar or carton of shop brand passata or tin of tomatoes chopped

Breadcrumbs handful

2 sausages – take out of the skins and mix with the breadcrumbs

1 or 2 Rasher bacon – snip small with scissors its much easier

1 egg

Selection of your favourite spices: I use black pepper: paprika: spice grind of chilli and garlic


Cook the whole chicken:  I do tend to wipe with a cooking oil and then add a selection of seasoning to the external skin – Do not overcook your chicken as its much nicer when the meat is nice and tender for all the other dishes.  (To check if cooked just use a skewer and insert into the breast and the juices should run clear.)


When cooked cut in half widthways and keep quarter end of the breast with the thigh and legs:


  Roasted Chicken Meal One

No. 1 Roast Chicken Meal – for 2 if one chicken used. Use the breasts -

Also purchase a large bag of potatoes and the bigger the better – Peel thickly and put the skins into a bowl of iced water or a plastic container as you will need these later J

Selection of vegetables that you like –


    Chicken Pie taken from One Old Bird Makes 7 Meals

No. 2 Chicken Pie – use the meat from one thigh and put to one side and some of the breast meat

 2 pie dishes small ones

1 x onion chopped small

1 small garlic bulb

1 x pot single cream (can use milk but you will need a tbsp of cornflour to thicken)

1 x cup of stock

1 x savoury cube (oxo or knorr)

Sliced mushrooms

Pastry – shop bought or home made


Cut up the meat in pieces put to one side

Gently cook the onion and garlic bulb (omit garlic if you do not like)

Add the mushrooms and then add the cream and I normally add a chicken stock cube and some stock (1 cup) – simmer and do not boil.  Add the chicken meat and cook till warmed through.  Place the mix into the 2 dishes.

If I am using puff pastry I will cut the pie lids to fit and cook separately.  If using shortcrust or filo just add to the top of the mixture and slice a strip to let steam through and cook for 30 mins.  Serve with a vegetable selection and potatoes of choice.  I sometimes chip or wedge potatoes and add an onion and garlic, black pepper and roast for 45 mins and serve with the vegetables.


No. 3 Italian Chicken Pasta – use the meat from one thigh and also some of the breast meat

One Old bird Pasta Dish

1 slice  bacon cut small

Handful of mushrooms sliced

Penne Pasta for 2 people 2 cups

1 x onion sliced

1 x garlic bulb – crushed or chopped small

1 x tsp sugar

1 x tbs tomato ketchup

1 x jar or carton of passata but you can use tinned tomatoes

1 pkt mozzarella and mixed hard cheese


Cook the pasta until soft or al dente.  Depends how you like it.  Don’t forget to add a tsp of cooking oil to your pasta water to stop it sticking.

 Cook the onion and garlic, bacon together and add the sugar – cook until browned slightly and now add the passata and the ketchup.  Add the chicken and mushrooms.  Cook for ten minutes and serve with your pasta.  Mix in the cheeses and place in pre warmed oven for 10 mins to melt them through.

As an alternative to make the pasta more interesting I sometimes cook bacon and onion and peppers and add to cooked spaghetti.  You can serve with crusty bread or mixed vegetables.


No. 4: Chicken wings, Potato skins and sweetcorn

 Potato skins make sure they are washed and dried.  Now add any seasoning that you like to them.  I normally sprinkle with black pepper and paprika and then add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to them and add to a baking tray and cook until nice and brown.  Just 5 mins before serving take them out of the oven and add cheese and bacon bits return to the oven to warm through so the cheese melts all over them.

The chicken wings can be cooked in a BBQ sauce.  Serve with the sweetcorn.  This can be added to with chicken drumsticks if you need to stretch the meal. To more than 2.


No. 5 Chicken and lentil soup


Home Made Chicken & Lentil Soup from the Booklet One Old Bird Makes 7 Meals

2 potatoes

2 carrots

1 lge onion

Cup of Lentils (washed)

Half cup rice (washed)

2 oxo or knorr cube

½ pt milk

Seasoning to taste

( you can use up any vegetables I do not recommend parsnips as can be bitter in a soup)

All the carcass that is left and I hope that there will not be too much add to a large saucepan and add an onion a carrot, garlic and some seasoning and 2 stock cubes and bring to the boil and then simmer for one hour.  Strain and leave to cool:

I use my slow cooker but you can cook quickly in a large saucepan:

Use the strained stock and add all the above ingredients and cook for one hour until all vegetables especially the lentils are cooked.  Using a hand held blender blend until lovely and smooth (sometimes I leave a few vegetables large.)  Taste and adjust seasoning and now just simmer for a further 15 mins adding a little more liquid if too thick.   Serve with French Bread or part baked rolls cooked or a freshly baked loaf from your bread machine.  I add cheese and melt under the grill.  I do this on rolls or the sliced bread.


No. 6 Chicken Hamburgers – use chicken drumstick meat

Take all the meat from the drumstick

1 rasher of bacon snipped small with scissors

2 x sausages stripped naked (just take the skin off them)

Half cup of breadcrumbs

1 x egg


2 x Buns

Relish or salad

 Add the chicken, breadcrumbs sausages mix, bacon and to a mixer and blend.  Add the egg and seasoning.  Make in to two patties/burgers.  Add to a frying pan with a pre warmed oil and cook thoroughly.  (Can also BBQ) Serve with chipped potatoes.


No. 7   Okay I struggled to get No. 7   but this does work:  Delicious Gravy and stock – All the carcass that is left and I hope that there will not be too much add to a large saucepan and add an onion a carrot, garlic and some seasoning and 2 stock cubes and bring to the boil and then simmer for one hour.  I normally get the stock cooking as soon as I have taken all the bird to pieces as I use the stock in the pie and pasta and soup dishes.  I sometimes cook a ham in the slow cooker and once the stock has finished I then slo cook the ham in this stock as this makes the most delicious soup or gravy base for all the dishes.

One Old Bird makes 7 Meals

Happy Saving :)

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