Travel With Only a Carry On Bag

By losing the checked luggage you can save time, money, and hassle

The next time you fly out-of-town on a trip you might consider traveling with only a carry-on size bag as your luggage.  Here are a couple great reasons to travel with nothing more than a carry-on bag:

No baggage fees

If you will be traveling by plane then you are already paying an arm and a leg for your travel.  As the price of fuel continues to rise, airfare rises accordingly.  Most airlines now charge additional fees for checked baggage.  By traveling with only a carry-on that can be stored in the overhead compartment you will save money.

Fast check in times  Rick Steves Convertible Carry On

Most of the time during airport check-ins is spent actually checking your luggage.  With just your carry on bag you can in a matter of minutes use one of the automated airline check-in machines, print your ticket, and be on your way to security screening while everyone else is slowly shuffling their way through the winding line for the check-in counter.

Save time leaving the airport

Once your plane lands at your destination you can simply grab your bag from the overhead bin and walk right off the plane and out the door.  While everyone else is making their way to the baggage carousel and shoving each other in an attempt to retrieve their bags you will be out of the airport and on your way.

Peace of mind of never having a lost bag

There is nothing so frustrating as arriving at your destination only to learn that your luggage has been lost somewhere along the way.  This can derail your trip for up to a couple of days as you must borrow or buy things to replace your missing items and patiently wait for the airline to attempt to locate your bag.  Not to mention all the paper work that you will have to fill out at the airport in order to notify the airlines that they have lost your bags.

No need for early hotel check-in

When you are traveling with more than you can comfortably carry you are forced to always have a place to store your bags.  This means that many times you will find yourself killing time before checking in to hotels or arriving at the airport early because of an earlier hotel checkout.  When you are traveling with a carry on this is never a problem.  If it is 8AM and the hotel will not let you check in until noon you can simply put your carry-on bag on your back and go to breakfast, or a movie, or a museum, or take a walk.  There is no need to attempt to find a a place to store your bags.  You are free to roam.

Flying with only a carry on bag can save you time, money, and hassle.  Those who have done it rarely return to checking luggage.  Consider this tip on your next trip and you might find yourself a carry-on convert.