Start-ups have plenty of things to consider before they fling open their doors to the public ready to do business.  One key element is to define the very best marketing plan – no point opening those welcoming doors and hoping that droves of visitors will chance upon the store and feel the need to pop in to see what is on offer.

A great marketing strategy starts with a great brand.  No start-up in the world will be able to compete with well established competitors if it doesn’t have a brand to call its own.  So it always makes sense for a start-up to hire a good brand development firm well before they intend to open for business.

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And the interesting thing that not all start-ups know is that many brand development firms can do far more than create an outstanding logo and a catchy tagline.  They offer a ‘one stop branding service’ for start-ups.  Experienced brand development firms appreciate that a company’s brand encapsulates every single thing that is used in their marketing efforts.  So they ensure that their branding firms comprise a variety of talented individuals to enable them to offer a fully branded package includingeverything a start-up will ever need to get its business flying off the ground:

  • Graphic Designers can create stunning designs for the logo which will then be used across all material such as corporate stationery and staff uniforms.  They can also design business cards, glossy brochures and flyers, store signage, traditional adverts and an eye-catching website.
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  • Communication experts and content writers can produce an enduring tagline and catchy slogan to emblazon on staff uniforms.  They will also ensure the start-up’s key messages are clear in all marketing material and can write persuasively for brochures, flyers and the website to help improve sales.
  • Website developers will create user-friendly navigation to match the website’s aesthetic appeal, and customize the website for the start-up’s needs, whether the website is to be simple, to offer online shopping or to have a sophisticated search feature.
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  • Skilled search engine optimization experts are used to ensure that the fine looking website ranks highly on the search engines.
  • Online advertising specialists are available to set up and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Social media advisors can set-up social media accounts and manage the posts, tweets, stumbles and pins on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Pinterest amongst others.

In fact it’s fair to say that a great brand development company can take care of absolutely everything that will be seen by the customer, providing a ‘one stop branding shop’ for start-ups.

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If a start-up is thinking long term, they should seek a brand development firm that has a wide range of expertise in-house to cover all of the above points.  Once the working relationship is set up at the beginning of the company launch, the start-up can rest assured that their new branding partners will be able to help them at every step of the way in their future promotions.

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