At times, it may be necessary to rent a car for travelling "one way" especially for pick-up or drop to an airport, hotels. etc.  One-way car rental is available both locally and nationally in the United States. This type of rental car is also available between the USA and Canada. If you are a first time one-way car renter then the process of finding the best rental rates can be challenging.

This is because the price of a one-way car rental is generally higher than normal car rentals. The reason behind the higher rates is the “drop off fee”.  With a one-way car rental, you rent a car from a location and drop it in a different location. The rental companies impose an additional charge of a drop off fee because they have to bring back the vehicle to the original location. You shouldn’t be surprised if the one way car rental charges are higher than the air fare charges. In this article you will learn how to rent a car one way without incurring a drop off fee and you will also learn of other discounts available for one-way rentals.


One Way Car Rental with No Drop Off Fee

Although there are many car rental companies available, finding a one-way car rental company with no drop off fee is difficult. This is because, in case of one way rental, the rental company has to spend money for fuel and other charges to bring back the vehicle to the original location. This charge will be usually collected from the renter-it has to be, because it is part of the convenience of being able to rent the vehicle "one way."

Apart from the drop off fee, the one way car rental also includes high base rates. There are, however, many car rental companies that rent cars one way with cheap drop off fee. Finding a one way car rental with absolutely no drop off fee is really challenging, but they are out there. In order to do so, you need to plan your trip properly. During certain seasons like winter, most  one way car renters like traveling to the South where the weather is warmer. If you plan your trip during the time when there are a group of people who usually travel to a certain part of the country during a certain time, you can find one-way car rental companies who will give you discounts and wave the drop off fee.  This is because they can transport a group of vehicles back to a certain part of the country at the same time, so one person is not driving back in one car and there is less money used for fuel and other expenses.  If you are looking for a good deal on one-way car rentals where there are little expenses and no drop off fee, do it at a time when there is usually mass travel from one part of the country to another, like in winter where many people are trying to get to warmer weather or vice versa.


Discounts on One Way Car Rental

Most car rental companies give 35% or more discounts when you book one way car rental online well ahead of your trip date. You can book 16 days before the trip date to get this discount. Some car rental companies have a "pay now" option and this is also called as pre-paid rental. You will get discount for such taking advantage of the pre-paid rental option.

Another discount option is making use of a discount code or coupon code. You will receive coupon codes through partners or from airways that you travel on.  In some instances, corporate discount codes are also available. Use this coupon code to  get discounts which can save up to $10 per day. Apart from these discounts, there are several car rental companies that announce seasonal discount offers. If you consistently check online for one way car rentals, can really take advantage of some great seasonal discounts. Car rental companies also offer special super saving options for regular renters and monthly renters.


Rental Companies that do cheap one way car rental

Remember, you can get great online discounts by visiting these companies online and getting an online quote.



One way car rental made easy with Budget car rental services. Budget has been in the car rental services since 1958. They have all your favorite car models. You can also rent a moving truck with them. You can save up to 35% over regular rates when you book a car with the “pay now” option. They do business worldwide and rent car outside United States as well. You will also get GPS navigation, insurance protections, roadside assistance, disability products, child safety seats and ski racks etc. Budget promises lowest rates ever and in case you book a lower price car rental than budget rate, you will receive a free one day rent certificate. 


Discount Car

Discount has been in the car and truck rental business since 1980. They provide services in over 300 locations in Canada and Australia. Discount has different promotional offers such as free pick-up and returns, web discount program, one, two, free weekend program, Quebec exclusives, Partners discount and free dinner offers. Web discount program is a convenient program where you receive discount code for all members. You will also receive email notifications on weekend travel on low rates by Discount Car. 


Payless Parking

Payless Parking has provided car rental services since 1971 and it is a part of Avalon Global Group of companies. It has expanded their services in 80 locations in 20 countries. You can sign up and receive deal alerts from Payless in your email box. This is the best way to find the best deals. Payless announces 10% off on booking midsize cars. You will also receive 10% discount on renting sport utility vehicle. Payless Parking has different types of vehicles ranging from economy to luxury. Renting your favorite brand of vehicle is easy with Payless Parking. One  interesting offer with Payless Parking is that they provide airport parking coupons. They have developed partnerships with top airport parking facilities. It is one of the best ways to reduce airport parking fees. Payless Parking makes each and every trip easier and saves you money. Just fill the online form. There is an option to modify or cancel the reservation later if there is a change in your tour plan. 

 One-way car renting is specialized so they may not advertise it but if you have a favorite rental company that you use, you can start by asking them if this is something they offer.  These are some good choices for one-way car rental companies, but there are loads of these companies online.  Make sure you shop around and do your research to get the best deals.

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