The earth truly is a strange place. Each and every one of us goes about our daily routine, day in and day out, and we rarely stop to think.

In today's day and age, our media continuously offers us a reflection of what goes on in our lives every waking moment. There are, however, television shows currently on the air that give us other outlooks on life... A life that may not exist here on earth; the possibility of extra-terrestrials.

When we hear the word "alien", there is an immediate rift between the beliefs that are present: for the majority of us humans, we either believe and stick by it, or we disregard the possibility completely. And for these people, sometimes the hardest thing to admit or at least think about is, who are we to play God and say that we are the end-all and be-all of the only existent life forms in the universe? For all we know, WE could be the ones playing the part of the aliens.
An Unidentified Flying Object
I will be the first person to admit that I have always Been skeptical about other life forms sharing the galaxy with us... And not only being skeptical about aliens, but also ghosts and psychics and everything in-between. But each and every day, the are citizens, seemingly honest ones, who are pushing the boundaries and could possibly be making new discoveries about how we can view this universe of ours. All over the world, people claim to be visited by other life forms, and have recorded videos and taken pictures of floating space craft, flying saucers; just handfuls of seemingly different artifacts that are not from this earth.

On top of the skepticism, beliefs, and total disbeliefs, we have what appear to be government conspiracies and operations dealing with extra-terrestrials and their "superior technology", alien carcasses, basically anything you could ever think of. With the existence of government and military bases like Area 51 and Dugway Proving Ground, one can only wonder what these top-secret locations are hiding. Are there really things in these places that we've never seen or heard of before? And if so, why can it not be revealed to the world's population?

The list can go on and on forever, but at some point in our lives, each and every one of us have been asked that question at some point: "Do you think there are aliens out there, or visiting us?" Who knows? If anything, the best food for thought is just taking the time to wonder how we could possibly be the only live beings in the universe. It's quite possible gang we are not alone.

But only time will tell...