Why is the same thing called-by various names? We noticed as we travelled around Australia, the way names of different foods, fish; in fact almost anything was called by different names. Why is this?I can understand this happening in different nationalities and speaking language countries but….




From Western Australia to the East Coast through all the different States of Australia we noticed a lot of differences.











As a child we used to go to friend's dams and catch Jilgies (cannot find the right spelling even in dictionaries) others called them Yabbies. (Not in dictionary) Kurnacs or curnacks (not in dictionary). More commonly known as freshwater crayfish.











We call a solid sausage knob Polony. Yet in other places it was called fritz, and devon.










We call it pumpkin over the east it is trombone.










To us a round-of-sandwiches is two slices with filling.In the East when I asked for a round-of-sandwiches I got one slice of bread.I can actually see how that may happen because logically 1 slice = 1 round.







Skippy's or skipjack (fish)






we call-them Skippy's (beautiful eating). They call them trivially.




Herring (fish)






we call-them Herring.They call them Tommy Roughs




Traffic Rules






In the west we go to the center of the road to turn right.Over the East you go to the left and wait for clear road and turn right.I can also understand this in some towns and cities as they have trams in the center of their roads. I wouldn't want to get run down by one of them.


I will add more of these as I find them