The One faced Rudraksha Bead is also known as 'One Mukhi' or Ek Mukhi. This Rudraksha is the Symbol of Lord Rudra and the most auspicious and popular of all Rudraksha Beads. This Planetary Ruler of this bead is Sun and therefore affects the 7th Chakra in the human body. This bead is used as a remedy for all sun related problems in ones horoscope. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is also the recommended bead for the Numerology Number one people. It is also said to cure diseases like TB, chronic asthma, head ache, eye problems, bile and liver complaints, paralysis, stroke, heart problems, mental anxiety, bone pain etc. This rudraksha bead can also be worn by those seeking higher level of concentration and indulging in spiritual practices like meditation. This is an excellent bead for those who are highly emotional and affected by ups and downs in life. Wearing this Bead is also said to bring confidence, charisma, leadership qualities and wealth and also brings the wearer close to God. This bead is said to remove all the sin of Brahmin slaughter and all sins committed in the past life.

The 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead comes in two shapes, the round and half moon shaped. But the round shaped one is very rare and costly. Instead the half moon shaped bead can be worn. The half moon rudraksha because of its shape like kaju or cashewnut is also called Chandramukhi or Chandrakar Rudraksha. One Mukhi Rudraksha should be preferably capped with gold or silver and worn round the neck or kept at the place of worship and worshiped daily by chanting of mantras. This rudraksha can be worn the first time on Monday which is the day of Sun after the rituals of wearing. The mantra for the bead is 'Aum Hreem Namah'. Another Mantra which can be used is 'Om Namah Shivaya'. The Mantra of the Bead can be chanted 108 times daily.