Revolutionary Parenting


  • The book is based upon the Barna Group's extensive research on parenting.
  • The book is is not simply the opinion of one man, like most parenting books.
  • The book is easy to read.
  • The book will show several things you can do immediately to revolutionize your parenting.


  • The book is fairly short.
  • The book could have contained more specific stories and examples from the research.

Full Review

Revolutionary Parenting is by far one of the absolute best books on parenting that Christian parents could purchase! George Barna and his research group have conducted extensive research to determine the qualities that are common amongst those who have raised "spiritual champions." Which is the best part of this book, it begins with the results.

Too often, parenting books are simply the author's opinion on how to raise children. The author may or may not have achieved a favorable outcome in raising his own children. And even if he did, it is still no guarantee that his methods could be applied to your family's unique situation.

George Barna's book is different! It is not one man's opinion on how to raise children; it is based on researching parents who have successfully raised their children to be spiritual champions. In fact Barna says that he struggled with the things he learned while compiling this book. He discovered, in the process, that much of the way he parented needed to be changed if he wanted to raise spiritual champions.

Make no mistake, each parent and each child is unique. However, successful Christian parents have many things in common. Parents who raise their children to be Christians who are on fire for the Lord, all have a similar method. This book lays out the similarities in the parents we all strive to be.

If you are a parent who wants to raise your children to be Christians, I highly recommend reading this book!

In Closing

I am a youth and family minister. I have worked with Christian families for almost a decade, and the principles that are laid out in Revolutionary Parenting are the qualities that are present in successful families, and lacking in unsuccessful families. I truly wish that I could get this book into the hands of every Christian parent. Besides the Bible, there is not another book that I would more highly recommend to parents striving to raise Christian children!