Every train lover can remember the first train they played with as a child.  Mine was a Sesame Street train with big wheels and big track.  I pushed the train around that little circle for hours on end.  Today, kids still love to play with trains, but now things have progressed some.  With the phenomenon known as Thomas the Tank Engine, kids now can mix one of their favorite television characters with the fun of an electric train.  I have experience with several Thomas electric train sets, and one of the best toddler toys for boys and girls is the Thomas the Tank Engine electric train Thomas' Busy Day.

My Experience With Thomas the Tank Engine Train Sets - Thomas Busy DayThomas' Busy Day was a gift given to my son when he was two years old.  It was the first electric train set that he had been exposed to, and was the perfect way to introduce him to the fun of electric trains.

Thomas' Busy Day is a very basic electric train set.  The track is small and forms an oval.  This is a perfect size for the toddler and the parents.  It requires minimal assembly which allows the child to begin play almost immediately.  It also reduces adult frustration as the track does not take a long time to put together.

Once the track is assembled, all you need to do is place one AA battery in Thomas and off he goes around the track.  While it may not seem like much, my son loved watching Thomas race around and around the oval.

To add to the fun for the toddler, the toy has two small switches.  The first is on Thomas, which is nothing more than the on/off switch for him.  But to the little one this is a cool way to interact with the game.

The second switch is a neat feature.  Thomas' Busy Day includes a train station that Thomas passes each time he rounds the track, and in front of the train station is a switch that allows the child to make Thomas stop.  Once Thomas is stopped the switch just needs to be moved back to its original position to allow Thomas to proceed.  It is fun to watch your child laugh as they decide whether to throw the switch to stop Thomas or let him go unimpeded.

Finally, once play time is finished, the track stores easily as it does not contain many pieces and they fit easily back into the box.

Purchasing Thomas' Busy Day

Thomas and Friends train sets can be purchased at virtually any brick and mortar store as well as online.  As you will be able to tell no matter where you find it, Thomas' Busy Day is not an expensive toy.  As the toddler gets older they will outgrow this train set, but it is still a great investment considering it will produce several months of fun.

So if you want to find a great toddler toy for either a boy or a girl you cannot go wrong with Thomas' Big Day.  Considering the inexpensive price, the ease of use, and the smiles it will bring, it is a can't miss.

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