One of the greatest things about the internet is all of the free information you have immediate access too. Sites such as Wikipedia are truly an invaluable resource for dong online research. In the past when writing an article you had to do tons of research. You had to comb libraries, call multiple numbers and send out self addressed stamped envelopes. An article may of took 6 months to a year to properly research. No with the power of the internet you can research out an article easily within a few short hours. Sometimes much less.

The ability of the internet to aid in research is invaluable. Instead of spending months researching a topic we can spend one evening. We can find direct quotes from celebrities, images of celebrities, and childhood homes of celebrities. Instead of spending months debating if something is true we can immediately use Google to find out if the trivia is true or false. The internet is great for spreading false information but a proper search will lead you to sites that specialize in urban myths. If something is true or not can easily be found out.

A child no longer needs to consult an outdated over priced encyclopedia set to find out answers. Students of all ages are Googling their information and learning what they need to from sites such as Wikipedia,, InfoBarrel, and many other resource sites.

Online research can lead to interests a person may never of had before. A person may look up information about their hometown and find an interesting nugget of information about the towns early history. The person digs deeper to uncover more information about that nugget of info on their hometown. As the persons research grows deeper they learn more and more about their towns history. After so much research a person may become an expert on their hometowns early history.

This person may then teach a non credit course at the local community college, write a book, or even a weekly article for their newspaper all dealing with the their towns local history. None of this would of ever occurred for this individual without the power of the internet.

This is the beauty of the internet. It can change you life in so many positive ways by opening up any part of the world you find fascinating. The internet is not however always a positive things. You can use the internet to advance your life to it's fullest potential and open up many doors. You may also get distracted. If you play "FarmVille" or another online game for hours each day your are not advancing your life. Instead of playing online games and wasting time concentrate on researching out items that interest you and then you can use that information to write articles for money or to advance you life in anyway you may choose too.