The name Joann Fabric and Craft Stores does not make an immediate association for many people with children's products. Though there are crafts for kids from a number of companies in this same industry, this store has went a step above the rest for their little customers. In fact, many readers would be surprised to find out what they offer little shoppers with their online prescense. This is an outline of the many benefits parents will find buying products from this retailer for their offspring. They have a lot more than just small arts and crafts projects them. Simply examine what they offer and discover what you are missing out on.

Birthday parties

Parties are not available online, but they are a wonderful idea the brick and mortar store delivers. The website does a terrific job of describing in detail what to expect and what the they deliver for these affairs. For any child who cannot get enough of adventures into scrapbooking, knitting, sewing and other similar types of tasks, consider having their next birthday celebration at one of Joann Fabric and Craft stores. 

They will set up and clean-up which is an enormous attraction when it comes to hosting these events. The decorations, food, tableware, cake, candles and even goodie bags are on the list of parent responsibilities. Though, this retailer provides all of the supplies for whatever the guest of honor loves for artsy undertakings. The crafts are for them along with their guests while they celebrate their big day. The project is theirs to make and take home along with a special treat every one attending decorates and eats, all compliments of the retailer.

A personal room for the event, invitations and an instructor to supervise are included in the package for a cost of $125 for up to eight guests. Additional guests are $10 each. This is an excellent idea for 2 hours of fun for anyone who loves this kind of activity or theme.

The charge is really inexpensive when compared with the average party, plus you do not have the pressure of cleaning up, setting up, entertainment and you know they are getting something they enjoy doing for their special day.


You will find a unique gift for the special boy or girl on thier day  at the same location as the celebration. Beautiful items like dollhouse kits and accessories are on the shelves as well as puzzles, beads, sun catchers and other ideas like unique themed games that cannot be found elsewhere.

Gifts for other holidays or special occasions for the little ones are also for sale online with a reasonable return policy if you need it.

American Girl items

American girl has become an extremely popular doll among little girls and this retailer has taken notice. Not only is the American Girl herself admired and well liked, but all of her extras that come along with her are "must haves" you will find on the store's shelves. She has a beauty salon, a horse and saddle and everything in between.

This business is a step ahead of the rest when it comes to this doll and her activities and interests. They have stocked their shelves with American Girl themed fashions, creations and activity kits. If your daughter needs more of her favorite items, shop at this online retailer or in their numerous store locations around the nation.

Instead of running around to the most trendy places where this merchandise is found and being disappointed or waiting for a back order, simply shop with ease and relaxation with Joann's.

Classroom teachers

Teachers searching for classroom themes and merchandise have an excellent supply of choices which are competitively priced and most are less expensive than similar competitors like Staples or Office Max. Items for sale includes pens, pencils, markers, crayons, beads, poster making supplies and even craft kits to name only a few.

Lots of teachers discover many unique items which are hard or impossible to find at other stores at this online location.


Classes specifically designed with the young brain in mind are an option for more than a reasonable cost. Some of these offered are even free of charge. Pay for one and get another one for free. Not only are the basics of constructing and production taught, but education goes hand and hand with safety.

Children are taught the same material with slight variations of the adult offerings. A focus is on subject matter like cooking, sewing and knitting to name a few. Even wood crafting and upholstery options are on hand.

All of these are divided into categories specific to a child’s age which assures the right instruction is given for the correct audience.  Most classes are designed to last no more than a couple of hours and are ideal for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Availability, time and enrollment forms are online for completion.

They have these instructional sessions divided from basic to expert assuring the right tools and skills are delivered to the correct student and where they are in their learning curve.

Many of the classes designed are fashioned with unique age groups in mind. Some are for teens while others focus on the younger groups.  Classes offered for both children and teens are sewing, cake decorating, quilting, knit and crochet, paper crafting and jewelry making.

Although none are offered online, an enormous amount of conveniently located stores means there is bound to be one conveniently located in your neighborhood. Enrollment, cost, time and place info for the classes are online for reference.

Cooking classes are on hand for kids as well. They enable children to learn the basics of cooking with classes surrounding cake decorating

Teachers wanted

 Persons searching for job opportunities will find wonderful resources with this store. Look through their webpage for open positions and discover whether or not you make a good fit.

The majority of jobs open at this time have to do with instructors and teaching opportunities, but there are also other workers wanted during peak times of the year. If your skills and expertise are significant for working with children, check out what they have to offer.

Other Advantages

 In store and online coupons and price reductions are offered to all customers. Additionally, options of free delivery and other appealing factors are all around their landing page. This gains the immediate attention of a lot of customers searching for a fun and exciting way to start a hobby or craft project at a reasonable price.

In conclusion

With over 50,000 sewing and craft schemes on hand, there is bound to be something the artist in you will find for having fun. Little ones have an enormous amount of focus for this retailer which sets them apart from similar competitors.

Joann Fabric has a lot of online teaching opportunities for adults and children

This video outlines choosing the right material for any project you are working on