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One time international cell phone use is one significant development that basically makes technology adequately utilized and known for its remarkable contributions to the general society and population per se. While most people find it a waste of money, others find it more convenient and safe. Thus, it is vital that positive and negative effects of the topic on hand be sufficiently expounded and critically analyzed.


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In today’s modern age and time, most of the things that are developed can be categorized among the many disposable items that are evidently in existence. The same is true among mobile or cellular phones which have been invented. Initially, cell phones were intended to be used for long terms. But over the passing of time, internationally acclaimed and produced cellular phones can be disposed after single usage. Entailed with this fact are the pros and cons that can be experienced by individuals who have knowledge regarding this trend.

One time international cell phone use has already become one popular trend over the use of permanently line mobile phones to well-recognized networks and service providers. However, not all trends can impose a positive impact to the society. But it has already been established that many people are very much inclined in putting such trend into practice.

Positive Effects of One Time International Cell Phone Use

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Single cell phone use in many international countries is basically the habit of purchasing a communication device, more commonly cellular or mobile phones, which are intentionally made for one time use only. While some individuals are in opposition of this technological product, others find it as one beneficial method of production.

For one, one time international cell phone use facilitates manufacturers and industrial business owners to produce a greater amount of such kind of cellular phone as it is indicated for a single use only. Therefore, users have no other choice but to dispose the device and purchase another of its kind, which simply implies that companies responsible for producing such trend must produce more to sufficiently maintain the public demands.

Another positive effect of using international mobile phones once is that the safety of the user is not placed at risk or danger. The reason behind such fact is that after having been able to use the phone to call or send a message to individuals, the primary user can discard disabling prank contacts gain access to the primary user.

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More so, single use of internationally produced mobile phones imposes a positive effect to service and network providers, since charges come in at a frequent number of times due to the one time usability of the device. In basic terms, most service providers earn significant profits due to the usage of the service, which is not utilized in a continuous fashion.

And finally, single usage of international mobile phones makes it more convenient to users since they do not have to worry about a particular valuable, which can easily be robbed or taken away by strangers along the road and transportation vehicles. After using the device, one can carelessly misplaced or discard it at anytime in any place.

Negative Effects of One Time International Cell Phone Use

In this evidently demanding society that comes in conjunction with unceasing developments taking place in the world of technology, having the concept of single usage among international mobile phones have been scrutinized by many individuals, particularly those who are very much concerned with economic and financial stability of the general population.

One of the indentified fallback in such trend is the fact that it is a costly practice. Frequent purchasing of such device, especially by individuals who make numerous calls and messages in a day or two, can sum up to a greater amount of expense compared to purchasing a line or prepaid powered cellular phones.

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In addition to what has been stipulated, utilizing mobile phones just for a single time promotes the habit of basically putting things at an immediate waste. Most foreign countries have been employing the practice of disposing things even with when some materials and supplies can still be utilized and of great use.

In line with what has been cited, production of disposable devices and gadgets typically puts the resources being used to direct waste as well. And in today’s crucial and environmentally challenged status, it is vital that natural and synthetically produced core materials are put into good, beneficial and possibly long term use.

More so, one time international cell phone use poses one unlikely effect towards countries under crises. Such practice brings out the implication that while foreign and highly productive countries are able to dispose even the most advanced technological product of today, third world countries become the saving vessel of these disposed materials, regardless of whether or not such materials are still safe to use or not.

And most importantly, utilizing mobile phones for a single time makes communication lines difficult to establish since the concept of consistency, typically on the number being used which changes frequently, is not practiced and well incorporated.


One time international cell phone use is one practice that is well accepted by many as well as being thoroughly scrutinized by those who come in opposition of the practice. For most individuals, the desire to make their identity equally safe and private, especially among strangers and unrecognized contact numbers is being employed when the concept is well implemented. For some others, on the contrary, communication lines are the utmost concern, making such trend unreliable, particularly to persons who are in the business world, whereby the work on hand requires consistent and reachable lines of communication to authorities and customers alike.

However, regardless of the concerns and issues being raised on the subject at hand, one time international cell phone use has established another milestone in the world of technology as it is able to tolerate and achieve a significant height of success despite the demands and challenges of the modern era.