How would you like to drastically increase your family’s chance for success at life by simply doing one thing a day. This one thing that you can do has been shown to help your children get better grades, than those families that don't do this every day. Families that do this every day also decrease the chance that one of the children will get into trouble either at school or with the law. This activity is also has been shown to decrease the chance that your child will start smoking, drinking, or even doing drugs. Doing this activity also helps to foster a feeling of safety, security, and comfort. This activity also creates an excellent opportunity to instill family values, and build family relationships that can endure the test of time. Have you guessed what the activity is yet? Well it is probably simpler than you think. It's the simple act of sharing a meal each night together. Is it really that hard to do, and can you do it every night?

While it can be a challenge from time to time it is a valuable occurrence that gets taken for granted all to often. It is very important to set up a schedule for this if not every night then at the very least once a week. This gives everyone a chance to feel loved, and important. If you are a religious family or would like to be it offers a chance for family prayer. Even if you aren't religious it offers a chance for everyone to feel included and loved. If you feel like the dinner is being to quiet you can always institute a game of high and low. This is when each person takes a few minutes to explain the highest and lowest points of their day or week. Even if the children or adults are resistant to take time away from friends, tv, or relaxing it is important to have dinners. These are memories that may not seem the best at times, but they will be cherished when the children are older starting families of their own. Our time on earth is short, and it should be spent around those we love instead of doing things or wasting time.