Online Adjunct Jobs

Have you ever considered applying for an online adjunct job? If you have done adjunct teaching on the ground you know that the content simulates traditional courses. So too, are the courses offered in an online school similar to the courses on the ground. For example if your curriculum required you to take algebra, composition and economics as prerequisites to a particular degree, the same would hold for an online format. What, then, is dissimilar about the two programs? In brief, the traditional program is restricted by time and space, while the online program is not.

If you had just been hired for an online adjunct job, you would teach your entire course by computer. Once you sign on, you will see the course layout on your monitor. The monitor is laid out in color coded panels, the first of which is Announcements. In this panel, the instructor will state policies and important information, such as office hours. Emergency information may be noted here and for this reason it is all the more important for the students to check this information every time they sign on.

The next phase is, moving down the screen, Assignments. This panel includes lectures, demonstrations, and group work. It requires tests, and examinations and simulated work. The objective tests are included for every week, along with some writing assignments to be submitted by a given date and time. The objective tests are timed, so the instructor needs to make clear the fact that if the students do not finish the test, they are penalized.

Online Adjunct Jobs: Critical Thinking

At the bottom of the screen, the new instructor will see the label: Problems and Solutions. Here, the students are encouraged to make judgments on their own. For example, they may discover a new way to navigate the platform and then share their technique with other students. This demonstrates discovery, creativity and critical thinking as well as support for their community as students.

In the middle of the screen we see a panel called Discussion Thread The instructor is giving the students a problem in economics and shares with the students the problem he has with being objective. He moves the problem from student to student. The ultimate goal is to get the students to share and respond to one another.

Online Adjunct Jobs: Grading

Grading is virtually done by the program. The roll call, all the objective quizzes, the group work, the essays are evaluated and tabulated by the online system. The instructor is able to check all grades for all students; whereas, the students can check only their own. The individual assignment grades are given and the averages throughout the week, month and semester are given. This is a big time saver for the instructor. The record of grades is a good foundation for student-teacher conferences. These are usually private conferences carried out in a chat room, by telephone or by email. Remember that this must be done in real time. There are exceptions to the privacy rule. In case of a dispute between student and teacher, university officials may sit in as well as legal representation.

If students want to ask the instructor a content question, they can use the link called Ask the Professor.

Here, they can post any question that is content related. The answer will appear in 24 hrs. and will be shared with the class as a whole. Hence, the student's question and the instructor's answer become part of the learning cycle in the online program. If the question is of a personal nature or is about grades, then the question is better handled in email, over the phone or in a chat room. Otherwise, one may forfeit his/her privacy.

Sometimes the question may require a tutoring recommendation. The student may want to know when to use shall or will or how to avoid using a misplaced modifier. The student may want to know how to organize an essay according to APA standards or how to avoid plagiarism using or how to use the online library. All these requests can be met through online tutorials that guide the student step by step.

Online Adjunct Jobs: Student Lounge

The student lounge provides a context for the student to share with other students his/her concerns over content and personal matters. This phase is not graded. The idea is to provide an environment of sharing so that bonding will take place. If this happens, the students will have support throughout their career.

If the foregoing interests you, you may be wondering how to enter online teaching. There are definite steps to follow: First, you must secure a list of schools that are committed to online teaching. Many universities use a mixture of traditional and online teaching and among others; U. of Texas provides a list of hundreds of these. There are also lists of for profit schools where one can apply. You need to line up documents that will be requested. Look over the schools of your choice and write a strong cover letter. Order an unofficial copy of your transcripts from you alma maters. Make more copies. Develop or update your CV. Obtain notarized verification of your identity. You will need all these documents as you go through the application process

Start sending out your CV and cover letter to colleges of your choice. Do not send one set of documents and wait. Send 5-10 at a time. Once you get a bite you will be prepared for the phone interview. If you pass this you will be assigned a place in their training. If you pass the training, you will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will stay with you for several teaching sessions and if you have questions, do not be afraid to ask.

You will discover that the beauty of online teaching is that you are not tied to space and time. You may travel to China and still keep up with your course. All you need is a laptop computer.

Acquiring an online faculty position with multiple accredited online bachelor degree programs and accredited online master's degree programs, among the many accredited online college degree programs, is an excellent way for an adjunct college instructor to generate several streams of online adjunct income. The growth of distance education technology has created an opportunity for individuals with Ph.D.s and master's degree is to apply for online instructor positions from an inexpensive personal computer. As a result, it is not possible for a college adjunct instructor to teach online for many online degree programs at one time. Plus, the online adjunct income streams generated by online teaching far exceed the small amounts paid to traditional college adjunct professors teaching in a physical college classroom.