Online Adjunct Faculty Jobs

What is an online adjunct job like? How does it differ from a traditional adjunct faculty job? Three years of working in a for profit adjunct faculty job convinced me that there was no significant difference in terms of the content of the curriculum, but there was a world of difference in the way the instruction was conveyed. There is also a major difference is the pay of each system. In online teaching an instructor can earn two to three times the pay than in the traditional on-ground arrangement. As far as content goes, the courses in a traditional program are virtually identical: Math, English, Literature, Languages, History, Science, and Business. On the other hand, the delivery process is radically different.

After signing on, the new instructor will likely notice how the monitor is divided into separate zones. In the first zone, the title is Announcements. This perusal of the monitor divisions is a way of understanding how an online degree requirement would work. Each division corresponds to a facet of the course requirements. This holds true whether the student is searching for online nursing classes or an online mathematics degree. Nevertheless, the first division the new instructor will see is Announcements. Here she can post her office hours and any other urgent messages. For example, the administration may make changes in the forthcoming curricula that are relevant to all students and Announcements provides a way of communicating this. It is important for the student body.

The next section that the new instructor may notice, moving down the monitor, is Assignments. In this phase, the student is automatically assigned a problem to solve and is given the resources needed via lecture and demonstration. The standards they must abide by are given in the form of a rubric.

As we move down the monitor page, we come to Problems and Solutions. In this phase, the student is encouraged to share some solution he has discovered. This is to promote critical thinking and independent thought. For example, the student could have discovered a new way to navigate a search for a given term in online business management degrees.

Online Adjunct Faculty Jobs: Grading

Grading is easy for the online instructor. The calculations of averages, means, and modes are done for her, electronically. These grade records come in handy for student teacher conferences. Usually, these conferences are kept private but sometimes it is necessary to have a dean present and in some cases legal representation. If the student requests a private meeting, the phone and email are good choices. There are laws covering what can be said over the phone, so it is a good idea to gain clearance from a supervisor before making a phone call. A chat room could be used, but be sure you click the button that gives you a private conference. Also, keep in mind that the phone and chat room are a break from the usual asynchronous set up; these are done in real time, which means you will have to schedule them in advance.

As we move up to the center of the monitor, we come to a panel called Discussion Thread. The instructor will throw out a prompt or a question such as how to set standards for an online registered nurse degree or a communications degree online and the students will respond. The instructor shares his feelings and thoughts and then keeps passing the question to other students. Here, the idea is to involve the whole class and to promote student to student response. The students may be stuck with a question or two which occurs later and then they can get a response from the instructor by clicking on Ask the Professor and posting their question. They will ordinarily get a response in 24 hrs. However, there are times that the question will require tutoring and this too can be handled by the student clicking on Tutorials. Here they can get help on grammar, formatting, and tours of the online library. They can get help on the use of to avoid plagiarism. They can get help on the use of APA (American Psychological Association) for formatting their written work.

There are occasions wherein the students will simply want to share with one another-share personal matters as well as content judgments. In this case, Student Lounge provides this space. This phase is not graded. The hope is that bonding will take place and provide student to student support throughout their academic life.

Online Adjunct Faculty Jobs: Entrance into Online Teaching

If the foregoing tips about adjunct instructor job openings appeals to you, then you may wonder how to apply for such work. First, you will need a list of schools that offer online courses. You can obtain one of these listing several hundred schools from University of Texas, Human Resources. Go down the list and make your selections. Pick about ten at a time. Part of applying is a numbers game, so don't send out an inquiry and do nothing while waiting for a response. Send out batches at a time. You will have to prove that you hold at least a master's degree in the field to which you are applying. Write your alma mater and obtain an unofficial transcript proving you hold a master's degree. Next, you know the schools to which you apply will want to see your CV, so get busy and work up a CV, presenting yourself as positively as possible. When you hear from the schools, they will ask for a CV and transcripts. Send them and get ready for an interview. In the interview which is usually done by phone, you will be told that you must go through training. You will be assigned a mentor and the mentor will shadow you as you take over your first class. If you are not clear on some points about the online adjunct employment, ask your mentor. The main points you will have to learn is how to navigate from one link to another, how to do searches and how to communicate with the students, your mentor and the administration. Happy voyage!