Online backup is a must for anyone who has important files on their computers that they don't want lose, but finding the right service to use can be somewhat of a challenge. Online backup makes it possible for you to conduct your daily business and, so long as your computer is on, your files are being backed up.

While there are many online backup services available these days due to the popularity, there are three that have been around for awhile and seem to be the best of the bunch. The top three online backup services by many standards are those of Carbonite, Mozy, and Memopal. As good as they all are, they all have their own pros and cons and differ quite a bit in certain areas. Here are the main differences in the top three:

• Price: After all, if you can save yourself some money then why not?
o Carbonite: Carbonite comes in at $54.95 for a year and unfortunately they don't offer a monthly payment option. Still this breaks down to only $4.58 per month.
o Mozy: Mozy's services will also cost you $54.95 for a full year, but they do have a monthly payment option of $4.95 per month.
o Memopal: Memopal comes in a little cheaper than the other two at $49.00 per year and they too have no monthly option.

• Free Stuff: Everyone's favorite price.
o Carbonite: Carbonite allows you to try it before you buy it with a 15 day free trial and unlimited storage with that trial.
o Mozy: Mozy takes free to the next level and offers you 2 GB of backup free for as long as you want it.
o Memopal: Again, a little better than the others, Memopal offers 3 GB of free storage.

• Storage Capacity: How much can they hold?
o Carbonite: Carbonite has unlimited backup that comes with the price. This means you can backup to your hearty's content and never worry about going over.
o Mozy: Mozy is also worry free with unlimited backup space.
o Memopal: Memopal does have a restriction on their backup at 200 GB, but there are an awful lot of files and such that can be backed up with that amount.

All three online backup services will work for Windows or Mac as well so they will work for your computer regardless of whether you are a PC or a Mac. All three also have award winning customer support and are easy to implement and continue to use.

In the end it is you who has the final say in what type of online backup service you want to use, but any of these companies will offer you secure backup for little money out of your pocket. No matter who you choose to give your business to, just be sure that you give it to someone. You never know what life will throw your way and if you are like anyone else with a computer, you have tons of files that you would be devastated about losing forever so it is not worth the risk of going without online backup.