We are very well aware of the fact that changes are part of this world; they are the law of the nature. Everything changes, it doesn't matter if it is on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Can you imagine right now to get connected to the internet via dial-up network? Are you willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a software suite solution? We still have these things but we are making use of them in a different manner under different conditions and environments and this is all due to changes in the technology.

Well, there is news for you, technology is going to change again and emerging trends regarding online backup services and cloud computing will amaze the people as always.

Here is an example of how effectively cloud computing and online backup solutions are involved in your life. If you are using Google documents, then cloud computing is there too. Right now these online backup solutions may be a ''good'' option but very soon they are going to be the best option.

Cloud computing is not just a software, internet itself can also be called as metaphor of cloud computing. Online backup or cloud computing allows you to store your documents in the form of spreadsheets and documents and all of them reside on another server. The current level and the form of online backup systems allows cost reduction of operational expenses by 60 - 70% - and this is not just a small difference.

The above mentioned facts about online backup and cloud computing are what is currently in use and now we are going to put light on what is going to be the emerging trends.

Applications which are converting to cloud computing, most of them are known to be non-core applications and those organization which are planning conversions to cloud computing, make use of such applications first. Once such organizations are confident about the conversion, they can even get the core applications easily moved to cloud computing but before that, issues regarding privacy and security need to be solved.

Those people who are using QuickBooks for the sake of business accounting are already having cloud computing with them. Recently Lotus Notes are being launched by IBM which are having cloud computing. Google Docs are having cloud computing from the very start.

There are two types of cloud computing available. One is known as public cloud, this is the option for those companies which are small in size and looking to turn down their capital expenditures whereas those companies which are working on a large scale, and security as well as the privacy is the key issue for them, tend to adopt the second option, which is known as private cloud.

It is expected that in current year 2011, the mobile and smart devices would cross the line of one trillion and this will increase as well as change the way people are and will make use of the technology. Here cloud models play an important role by coming up to the expectations of people.

Companies and organization are focusing more and more on the needs of their customers and working hard on building strong and long lasting customer relationships. This will bring up the need of a new generation of applications to be there to support the companies in achieving their goals, and for the smooth working cloud computing is the vital.

Discussions about the world of internet are now just about building better and more complex cloud computing and online backup platforms and this progress will never stop.